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The broader term for mind.
The physical world around us, including its laws and processes.
The advocates of nature in psychology turn to ___ ___ to understand behavior patterns.
Evolutionary Theory
The process whereby those members of a species that survive and reproduce most effectively are the ones that pass along their genes to future generations.
Natural Selection
Producing babies that survive long enough to reproduce.
A new gene or combination of genes.
Being social improves what two things?
Survival and Reproduction
Larger brains lead to?
Larger/Complex social groups
Animals that seek connections to others and prefer to live, work, and play with other members of their species.
Social Animals
The view that evolution shaped the human psyche so as to enable humans to create and take part in culture
Cultural Animals
The practical way of doing things.
An information-based system that includes shared ideas and common ways of doing things.
The idea that the mind has two different processing systems. (What are the two?)
Duplex Mind: (conscious and automatic)
The part of the mind outside of consciousness that performs simple operations
Automatic Systems
The part of the mind that performs complex operations
Conscious Systems
The inner processes serve what?
Interpersonal Functions
_____ is a major battleground between nature and culture.
____ is probably the most basic conflict in the human psyche.
____ ____ has not favored caring about the distant future.
Natural Selection
The future is more important to ____ _____ than to other animals.
cultural beings
People get most of what they need from ___ ___, instead of directly from the physical world around them.
each other
The finding that kids who watch too much violent TV programs become more aggressive as adults is explained in terms of ___ influences
Being cultural, and thus being cultural, is a ____ strategy.