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A major disadvantage of personal selling is that it
is very expensive per contact.
The greatest amount of responsibility for providing customer satisfaction falls on the shoulders of
Sayyid’s company has launched a new product line, and he is put in charge of sales. He decides his first step will be to find potential customers in the company’s sales records. Sayyid is
Developing a list of potential customers is called
Advertising that encourages customers to send in reply cards for additional information aids salespeople in achieving which goal of personal selling?
Finding prospects
Before contacting prospects, a salesperson for an industrial cleaning equipment company analyzes information about the prospects' product needs, feelings about brands, and personal characteristics. This process is called
Garrett Almar tells a fellow buyer at Robins Wholesale Parts that the last salesperson who called on him before lunch was a real loser: “He has done a poor job of ___________. He didn't even know what brands we carry or what types of retailers we service!”
The step of the personal selling process in which a salesperson contacts a potential customer is called
the approach.
Creating a favorable impression and developing rapport with prospective customers is a critical part of the ______ step of personal selling.
The stage of the personal selling process in which the salesperson attempts to make a favorable impression, gather information about the customer's needs and objectives, and build a rapport with the prospective customers is called
making the presentation.
During the personal selling process, a salesperson, if possible, should handle objections when
they arise.
The _____ stage of the personal selling process is when the salesperson asks the prospect to buy the product.
When a salesperson asks the customer to buy the product several times throughout the sales presentation in an effort to uncover hidden objections, it is called
trial closing.
During his presentation to Mrs. French about a high-end gourmet oven, Brian asks, “Would you prefer black or stainless steel?” This is an example of a
trial close.
Cheyenne calls to see if her customer's new hardwood floors were installed correctly
during the follow-up step.
Creative selling, which requires that salespeople recognize a potential buyer's needs and then provide the prospect with the necessary information, is performed by
order getters.
A missionary salesperson is usually employed by
a manufacturer.
Which of the following involves building mutually beneficial long-term associations with a customer—usually a business customer—through regular communications over prolonged periods of time.
Relationship selling
Sales force objectives are generally established for
the total sales force and for each salesperson.
Which of the sales force compensation methods is easy to administer, yields more predictable selling expenses, and provides sales managers with a large degree of control over salespeople?
Straight salary
Jose Suarez has been hired as sales manager at a new firm and is trying to come up with a sales force compensation method. He would like to have selling expenses relate directly to sales resources, an aggressive sales force, and minimization of nonselling tasks. What compensation method(s) would best fulfill his requirements?
Straight commission
Jamba Juice offers its customers a stamp card that allows them to receive a free smoothie after they have filled an entire card. This is an example of a
frequent-user incentive.
Signs, counter pieces, racks, and self-service cartons are all forms of
point-of-purchase displays.
At one time, Wheaties offered two free golf balls with the purchase of a twin pack of Wheaties cereal featuring Tiger Woods. This is an example of a