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Why was constantine rich?
Constantine was rich because of its economical status. It was in proximity to the trade routes. So it was able to control alot of the trade and gaim money.
Explain the Theme system
In the themes system, a general controlled. he took over military defense and ciliv administration. It enabled Byzantine forces tomobilize quick and resist attack.
Discuss the rise of monasticism. What role did St. Basil of Caesarea play? What were the religious and social implications of this system?
Monasticism was the rules that kept the nuns and monks in soliditary. ST. BASIL helped by making them adopt reforms that enhanced their effectiveness.
Examine the role that trade played in the Byzantine Empire. How did the economic world of Byzantium change over the years?
The economic world of Byzantium changed due to advancements in trade, art, architecture, and technology uch as irrigational systems.
What was Justinian's dream?
Justinian's dream was to reconquer the western roman empire from germanic people and re-establish roman authority throughout the meditteranean basin
Discuss the significance of the city of Constantinople. What was life in the city like? Why would its eventual fall be seen as such a disaster?
City life in constantinople was filled with shops and art. It attracted both the rich and poor. there was a lot of baths so people ould get relaxed. People would get mad and less peacefull without the city.
Examine the influence of Greek thought on the Byzantine world. How was this intellectual world created, and what was its long-term influence?
The long term influence of the greeks was that for a long time the area spoke greek and latin.
In what ways did Byzantium serve as a bridge from the classical age to the Middle Ages in Europe? What was its legacy?
Byzantium was like a bridge to middle ages because many inventions were created, new languages came about, new art and other things made it advance.
Examine the reign of Justinian. Explain the significance of Justinian's Code. In what ways did Justinian influence history?
Justinians law code was important because it helped rome become stable. it influenced other places within the empire to make codes.
Discuss the religious beliefs and structure of the Byzantine world. Examine the rise and influence of the Orthodox Church
HI ALEX the influence of the orthodox church was due to the philosophy and literature of classical greece.
Examine the theory of caesaropapism. What were its origins? Explain its relation to the power of the Byzantine emperor. What influence did it have on European history?
caesaropapism made it so that the ruler could control ecclesiastical affairs. It started with constantine. It made te emperor much more powerful and liked by the people