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Sex Chromosome

Determines sex of an organism, X & Y


All chromosomes except sex chromosomes


Sex Determining Region Y, a gene that the Y chromosome contains

Morgan's Hypothesis

The recessive trait does not, and will not disappear

Linked Gene

Trait that is coded for by an allele on a sex chromosome

Chromosome map

Diagram that shows the linear order of genes on a chromosome

Map Unit

Frequency of crossing over of 1%

Somatic Cell Mutation

Takes place in an organism's body cells and can affect an organism

Germ Cell Mutation

Occurs in an organism's gametes

Types of Chromosome Mutations

Deletion, Inversion, Translocation, and Disjunction


Diagram that shows how a trait is inherited over several generations

Patterns of Inheritance

Horizontal line = marriage, vertical line = child

Detecting a Genetic Disorder

See physician, take a blood test

Treating a Genetic Disorder

Therapy, treatment for that disease