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President McKinley was assassinated.

Then Teddy R. Becomes president (for the 3rd time)

How did TR felt about Imperialism?

(Was he with Imp. Or against Imp.?)

He supported Imperialism.


TR would uses his power as president to stop the Russo-Japanese War.

Hoe did this War started?

Both Russia and Japan wanted Korea

Japan gets Korea

Japan wants to get Manchuria (which is controlled by Russia)⬇Russia is angry and fights Japan

Russia is angry and fights Japan

Both wanted Kor...

Who gets Kor...and tries to get Manchuria?

BUT who controlled Manchuria?

TR would mediate both sides (try to settle an agreement)


TR made Russia and Japan have a truce and they signed the Treaty of Portsmouth.

How did this Treaty get its name?

The treaty was signed in Portsmouth, Maine.

The U.S state that sounds like Marine.

W/o R

Since Japan felt tthat they were treated UNFAIRLY, Japan had bad feelings towards TR.

(Foreshadowing WW1 30yrs later)


TR and Japan signs the Gentleman's Agreement.

Which did what?


Whites scared Asian immi. take all low paying jobs

Limited Japanese immigrants coming to America

Doyle's voice: similar to the Exclusion Act,

"This is the first time America actually bans certain immigrants from coming into this country!!!"

TR wanted to build a Canal that made it so that going from the Atlantic Ocn to the Pacific Ocn very quickly.


TR builds the Panama Canal to do this job. But there was just one problem: Panama was controlled by Colombia.

1. what did america do to the people of Panama?

2. And what happened after that?

we made the people of Panama rebel against Colombia ERGO gaining their in their independence

they were so happy, they just gave their land to the U.S

You want some freedom?

Here have my car, my House, etc.

1914(10 yrs later)

the Panama Canal is finally finished.

But in the process, it was very dangerous to build. many of them died from Malaria (from mosquito bites)

the Canal was also a success for Trade and Businesses.

BUT the relations between the U.S and latin were what and why?

they were bad because of how the Latin people felt about the Panama Canal and the Workers that died making it.


After that, TR became honest:

He wanted the U.S to be the ONLY POWER in Latin America, Central America, AND The Caribbean.


TR told Congress about this and it was called what?

... was also an addition to the Monroe Doctrine of 1823

(storytime Nutshell;

President James Monroe believed that "the U.S wouldn't allow ANY European Countries to trade or to even think about Influencing (taking over) any country in the W. Hemisphere


-South & Central America


The Roosevelt Corollary




**Roosevelt's Corollary is basically going more over into Monroe's Doctrine.

TR said that the U.S has the RIGHT to intervene in any Latin american country.


To protect America's Business interests (TRADE)

Ill give you.... for....

TR's Policies were called what

why was phrase about it?

what did it mean

Big stick Policy

"I speak softly but I carry a BIG STICK"

BIG STICK- American Navy

Meaning:the American Navy backed him up

//Bugs Bunny's impression of TR//