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Name the three stages of Gospel Developement
Jesus' Life
Oral Proclamation
Written Proclamation
Who is the father of the three great monotheistic religions? (Jewish Christian islam)
Abraham is the father of Hebrew People
What is the significance of Jerusalem as a holy city to the three religions?
Jews-name of their most sacred temple
Christians-Jesus' death resurrection and passion
Muslims-3rd holliest mosque
Who was Mark?
When was his gospel written?
image of Jesus?
John Mark Friend of Peter
AD 65-70
Gentile (fish)
Jesus suffering
Who was Matthew?
When was his gospel written?
image of Jesus?
Jewish (fish)
Who was Luke?
When was his gospel written?
image of Jesus?
Greek convert
(fish) of Greek
Compassonate one
Who was John?
When was his gospel written?
image of Jesus?
John the apostle
God ncarnate
Name the three synoptc gospels
and what does synoptc mean?
they all have smlar vsons
number of books n the canon
Name the four types of lterature n Chrstan scrpture
Explain how the Roman Emprire influencedthe world during Jesus' time
The Roman Empire provided political unity to the Mediterranean world during the time of Jesus
Explain how the Roman system of transportation helped
they deveeloped customs and cultures and faiths
What does Pax Romana mean
Peace of Rome
How was the Promised land important to the Jewish people
It was the sign of their everlasting faith and covenant with God
Name the Three geographical provinces
Name two reasons why Jerusalem is important
it is a political and spiritual capital
Who were Samaritans?
Hellenistic Jews
Who was the leader that helped spread Greek culture
Alexander the Great
How did hellenists influence early Christianity
The Gospel was preached in Greek
Name two primary economic classes
What was the attitude towards tax-0collectors?
They controlled all the money and they had all the money
they were not liked
What is Diaspora
Jews dispersed throughout the empire
Name the five sects and key beliefs
What s the nfancy narratves
Both Matthew and loe have them
t descrbes Jesus' brth
What message does Matthew try to convey by begnnng wth infancy narrative?
Jesus id the fulfillment of prophecies made in the old testament
What is incarnation?
"God made flesh"
What are the 3 basic truths conveyed by infancy narratives
Shoe God loves us
lead us back to God
Humanity and divinity are jouined together
What does the temptation story remind us to do
Trust in God
What would the Jewish-Christian audience have been reminded of
Their ancestors traveling in the desert
Name three values Jesus chose to live by
Word of God
God's power and promises
worship and service to God
How many discouses did the gospel of Matthew have and what would Matthew's audience have been reminded of
the torah
Why the kingdom of Heaven not Kingdom of "God"?
They didn't say 'God' then
What was the purpose of parables
to give us partial clues and insights into the meaning of the kingdom
What is the message of Mark's gospel
The nesessity to live life as modeled by Jesus
Name two writting techniques Mark used
3-fold pattern
What is the most significant question of Mark's gospel
Who is Jesus
What is the Messianic Secret
Jesus id revealed as the messiah
What do the disciples have difficulty accepting in terms of Jesus' messiahship
Jesus' death
What are 2 main obstacles to discipleship
Attachment to things (wealth)
What is the significance of the Roman Centurian's acclamation at the cross
Anyone can follow Jesus
What is the role of women in Mark's gospel
they are the greatest disciples
In what two ways is our love to be directed in luke's gospel
What two books of the bible were composed by Luke
Who was Luke a travel companion of? What is the significance of we in acts
traveling with him
What is the relationship Luke tries to present between Christianity and the Roman Empire?
Christians don't oppose Romans
Name the five themes of Luke
Jesus as Savior
Role of the spirit
Table Fellowship
What does 'soter' interpreted as?
How does Jesus act as a universal savior?
He reached out to poor and rejected and sinners
How is the Spirit an ongoing reality?
The Spirit of God weeaves together the past, present and future
How is Mary a model of discipleship?
She followed Jesus and his cross
Describe the prophecy of Simeon
He predicts that Jesus will be wonderful, but will die. He also predicts that she will be hurt as well
Explain the difference between Jesus' view of sharing a meal and the cultural view of sharing a meal
The culture practiced discrimination at mealtime while Jesus included everyone
What is the story of Martha and Mary?
Jesus visited a house Martha rushed around to please him while Mary sat and listened to what the lord had to say
According to the Good Samaritan who are we responsible for reaching out to?
What does the priority of the human person over religious law mean?
A human is more important than getting to mass on time
What is a companion?
One with whom bread is shared
Who is Theophilus?
"Friend of God"
Acts of the Apostles moves towards which city?
What is the role of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke?
What is the role of the church in acts?
Jesus is the main focus and it focus' on his ministry
The church is the main focus on thee birth and growth of the church
What is the role of the ministry of the deacons?
They assisted with various needs of communities
What was Ascension?
Jesus going to heaven
What was Pentecost?
When Holy Spirit joined
What was The Way?
Early church that followed Jesus
Who were 'Christians'?
Followers of Christ
What was the Council of Jerusalem?
Where they decided if they had to follow Jewish Law
Who was Peter?
The chosen one to carry on the church
Who was Paul?
Paul was a reformed pharisee that persecuted Christians
Who was Stephen?
The First Martyr
Who were Hellenists?
Greek speeking Jews
Who was Lydia?
A convert who housed Paul and his companions
Who was Barnabas?
The first traveler with Paul
What is the significance of Antioch on Paul's Missionary Journeys?
It was the first to accept both Jews and Gentiles
What is the significance of Philippi on Paul's Missionary Journeys?
Paul expelled a demon from a girl in Philippi
What is the significance of Ephesus on Paul's Missionary Journeys?
It was where Paul was most of the time during his 3rd missionary Journey
What is the significance of Corinth on Paul's Missionary Journeys?
Aquilla and Pracilla helped Paul establish a community in Corinth
What is the significance of Rome on Paul's Missionary Journeys?
It was where he ended. He died there
What is the significane of John's Prologue?
He used light and dark imagry
What is the significance of I am statements?
They identify with something already known
They emphasize the relationship with his followers
Jesus as the giver of life
Responding to self ID
What are the seven signs?
7 great miracles
Name the three aspects of Jesus' Teaching
That all may be one
Name the books tradition attributes to John
Gospel of John
Corinthians I
Corinthians II
What is the genre of the book of revelation?
Symbolic Literature
What is the context os the book of Revelation?
God's mercy and steadfast love and triumph over evil and death
What was the audience of the book of Revelation?
7 communities in Asia Minor persecuted by Rome
What does Symbolic verses literal interpretation mean?
There are two different meanings the obvious and a deeper meaning