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The creation of finished goods and services using the factors of production: land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge.
Operations Management
A specialized area in management that converts or transforms resources (including human resources) into goods and services.
The process of selecting a geographic location for a company's operations
Working from home via computer.
Facility LAYOUT
The physical arrangement of resources (including people) in the production process
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
A newer version of MRP that combines the computerized functions of all the divisions and subsidiaries of the firm into a single integrated software program that uses a single database.
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
The process of testing statistical samples of product components at each state of the production process and plotting those results on a graph. Any variances from quality standards are recognized and can be corrected if beyond the set standards
ISO 9000
The common name given to quality management and assurance standards.
ISO 14000
A collection of the best practices for managing an organization's impact on the environment.
Program evaluation and review technique (PERT)
A method for analyzing the tasks involved in completing a given project, estimating the time needed to complete each task, and identifying the minimum time needed to complete the total project
Gantt Chart
Bar graph showing production managers what projects are being worked on and what stage that are in at any given time. Developer Henry L. Gantt