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Sex w/clients
- Therapist more likely to have other dual rels
- Can engage in 2 yrs after termination
- Never see new client who therapist used to have sex wtih
Fact witness vs. Expert Witness
Court ordered vs. approved expertise by the court
People who have legitimate concern related to provision of psych svcs, e.g., court
deal with "immediately"
Should code pt identity, even when to insurance company
Obtain Consent before Breach of Confidentiality
"Some of the time" -- refers to Tarasoff & abuse reporting w/o consent
Quality Assessment
1. pt satisfaction
2. tx effectiveness
3. access to svcs
Criticized Milgram's methods of research
Wrong b/c deception w/resulting distress
Have to appear in person w/documents, but don't have to release documents unless ordered by judge
Dereliction of duty directly causing damage -- does not have to be "severe" or "extreme" damage; can be any harm
Fed Law: must provide -- 1. short-term outpt crisis intervention & 2. medical tx & referral for ETOH/drug addiction
Referral fees
Should be based on svcs provided, not on referral itself.
Can accept legit consulting fees on case that you previously referred (e.g. testing).
Test Results
Must provide in "simple & clear language."
Raw Test Data
May consist of raw & scaled scores, responses to stimuli, & behavioral observations during testing. Should not be given. Best to meet w/pt for results, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Should not be released to unqualified individual if it can be avoided.
Utilization Review
Cost containment technique. May result in denial of svcs.
Terminating Therapy
1. pretermination counseling
2. alternative svc providers as appropriate
Contract for svcs on a predetermined fee.
Relationships w/former patients
Friendships should be avoided b/c:
1. unequal situation
2. would preclude pt's rtn to tx
Forensic Eval
May not use data for any other purpose (e.g., book) w/o explicit waiver (even if data was presented in court).
Exceptions/waiver to privilege
May differ from state to state.
Violence against Gays
Acc. to Herek (1992) due to hetersexism.
Applied psychodynamic theory to families in 30s & 40s
Applied experiential/humanistic to families
Applied Gestalt to family therapy
Behavioral family therapy
Richard Stuart
Operant interpersonal therapy: combines operant conditioning w/social exchange theory marriage counseling.
Family therapy, triangulation, differentiation (avoids triangulation), family emotional system, uses psychodynamic & systems theories
Structural family therapy, disengagement, therapist "joins" the family, mark boundaries, manipulate mood, escalate stress, utilize symptoms. Minuchin is manip & unyielding.
1. Triangulation
2. Detouring
3. Stable Coalition
Family therapy with ethnic minorities: use ecostructural model including extended family & church
Caplan -- types of consultation
1. Consultee-centered case
2. Client-centered case
3. Program-centered administrative
4. Consultee-centered administrative.
Theme interference = transference.
Types of prevention
Primary - prevent from occurring
Secondary - early i.d. & intervention
Tertiary - prevent from becoming chronic or a relapse
Klein -- Object Relations
Introjection - assimilation of parts of an object as part of oneself
Cross Identity Model
Berry - Enculturation
Vertical - from parents
Horizontal - from peers
Oblique - from others & institutions
Kohut - Narcissism
Results from mother's (self-object) lack of empathy to child
Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
Values positive transference -- negative is not approp. for brief therapy
Inner/Outer externalizations
People are motivated by need to belong.
Need may be interrupted by:
1. attn
2. power
3. revenge
4. inadequacy
Therapy recovery is really just spontaneous recovery -- 50s
Smith & Glass
Tx better than 75% of pts w/no tx. Slight differences between theories, with beh more effective for some disorders.
Instrumental vs. Expressive abuse in marriage
Instrumental - brutal, dangerous, little provocation.
Expressive - rel to emot process of couple, results from escalating conflict.
Brief Therapy
Relieve pathological symptoms in brief period of time.
Used in cmmn family therapy- Jackson.
Family Systems
Positive Feedback - produces change
Negative Feedback - maintains status quo
Feedback Loop - contains both neg & pos
Circular Questioning - used to show differences in perceptions
MOtivational Interviewing
Designed to help pts build commitment & readiness to change.
Gestalt therapy
Contact - here&now
Conscious awareness - focused attn
Experimentation - goal is to increase understanding
Helms - White Identity Model
1. Contact
2. Disintegration
3. Reintegration
4. Pseudo-independece
5. Immersion-emersion
6. Autonomy