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At what N2 speed should the throttle be brought from cut-off to idle during engine start?
Between 8% and 10% N2.
What is the proper inflation pressure for the nose tire?
120 plus or minus 5 psi
The amber annunciator light labeled "LO FUEL LEVEL" illuminates. How many pounds of fuel remain?
190, plus or minus 15 pounds
What is the maximum certificated takeoff weight?
14,800 pounds
What is the minimum battery voltage required before engine start?
24 volts
What is the maximum generator load above 35,000 feet?
315 amps
All engine indicators require main DC electrical except which gauge?
N1, which is powered by the emergency DC bus.
What is the maximum landing weight?
13,500 pounds
What is the maximum tire groundspeed?
165 knots
What is the maximum tailwind component?
10 knots
What is the maximum generator load up to 35,000 feet.
400 amps
What is the maximum operating altitude?
45,000 feet
What is the turbulent air penetration speed?
180 knots indicated airpeed
What is the normal oil pressure range?
45 to 140 psi
What is the demonstrated crosswind component?
24 knots, not limiting
What is the maximum emergency fuel differential?
600 pounds
True or False? The Ground Idle Switch must be in the HIGH position when making a generator assisted cross start from an operating engine.
What is the maximum zero fuel weight?
11,300 pounds
What is Mmo? (maximum mach)
What is the maximum speed to retract the landing gear?
200 knots
What is the engine type and the engine manufacturer?
PW530A by Pratt & Whitney
What is the maximum speed for speed brake extension?
There is no limit
What is the maximum normal fuel differential?
200 pounds
What is the maximum takeoff thrust?
2,887 pounds
What is the maximum speed for approach flap extension?
200 knots
What is the maximum ramp weight?
15,000 pounds
The starter is limited to how many starts in what time?
3 starts per 30 minutes (with a 30 second rest between starts)
What is the maximum fuel capacity in gallons?
The anti-icing systems must be turned on during what conditions?
In visible moisture and a ram air temperature of plus 10 degree C. or less.
What is the minimum ambient temperature for operation?
-54 degrees C.
What is maximum indicated airspeed between 0 and 8,000 feet?
260 knots
What is the maximum landing gear extension speed (Vlo)?
250 knots indicated airspeed
How many battery starts are allowed per hour?