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What is max take off weight?
13870 lbs
What are the engines on the cj3?
2x Williams FJ 44-3a
How much thrust does each engine produce?
2780 lbs
What anti-ice / De-ice systems does the airplane have on it?
* Engine, Windshield and Wing Bleed Air Anit-Ice
*Horizontal Stabil. Pneumatic Boot
*Pitot-Static System & AOA Vane Electric Anti-Ice
What does EGPWS stand for?
What is described as an engine cycle?
Any operation involving;
Power to 80% N1 or above
Describe the Hydraulic System?
2 x Engine driven pumps supply hydraulic pressure.
Hydraulic Reservoir is located in fuselage, aft of right wing.
Separate Electric pump for separate system with reservoir in right side nose compartment
What components are operated by the Hydraulic System?
The Landing Gear
Speed Brakes
Hydraulic from Electric Pump (separate sys.):
Wheel Brakes
When the amber DOOR SEAL light illuminates, what does this indicate?
The primary door seal failure and pressure falling below 5.5psi above cabin pressure.
Give a brief explanation of the Electrical System.
Main DC buses supplied from 2 x 28 Volt Starter/Generators, w/max output of 300 amps.
Engine start and secondary DC power available from a 44 amp/hr Battery or External.
Where is Cabin Pressurization supplied from?
Bleed air from engines, conditioned by pre-coolers and heat exchangers. Maintains 8000ft cabin press. at FL450
What are the aircrafts basic dimensions?
Wingspan - 53 ft
Length - 51 ft
Height - 15 ft
Wheel Base - 16 ft
What is the oil capacity for each engine/
4.37 Quarts
Total Usable Fuel?
4710 Lbs - 698 Gals
Hydraulic Fluid reservoir capacity?
2 Litres / 2.3 quarts
Oxygen System capacity?
50 Cubic Foot Bottle
1600 -1800 PSI Charge, regulated for 70 psi for usage.
Max Ramp Weight?
14,070 lbs
Max Landing Weight?
12,750 lbs
Max Zero Fuel Weight?
10,510 lbs
What are the limits for Take Off Thrust setting?
5 Minutes for two operating engines
* for one engine inoperative may be used for 10 mins.
Max ITT for engine starting?
0-15 secs - 1000 degC
15-30 sec - 900 deg C
30-40 sec - 840 deg C
The engine should not be operated above 80% N2 until oil temp is above...?
10 degC / 50 deg F
Max ITT for the following settings?
1. Takeoff Thrust
2. Max Cont Thrust
1. 877 max
2. 840 max
What are the N2 RPM limits for;
1. Gnd Idle
2. Flt Idle
3. Take Off
4. Max Cont Thr.
5. Transient
1. 53.4 min
2. 60.7 min
3. 100.0 max
4. 100.0 max
5. 100.7 max 20 secs
N1 RPM limits for the following:
1. Take off
2. Max Continuous
3. Transient
1. 102.8
2. 102.8
3. 103.9 max 20 secs
What are the ITT limits (not incl. start/shutdown)?
0-10 secs - 891 degC
10s-5 mins - 877 degC
5-10mi - 840 cont
Max tailwind component for engine start?
12 knots
Max cross wind component for engine start?
16 knots
Max time to light off (start)?
10 secs
Min Oil Temp for engine start?
-40 degC as indicated on the EIS
When is a battery pre-heat reqd?
If the battery is cold soaked in temps below 0 degF for 2 hours or longer.
Minimum Battery Voltage for start?
24 V dc
Max airport elevation for batt/gpu start?
14,000 for both
Min/Max GPU current capacity for start?
800/1100 amps
Normal starter current draw is?
approx 1000 amperes
What are the engine starter cycle limitations?
3 start within a 30 min period.
60 seconds between each cycle.
**if using batt. to start then 3 starts per hour.
Pitot/Static heat and AOA heat is limited on the ground to?
2 mins max
Max approved fuel imbalance?
200 lbs.
600 lbs demonstrated for emergency.
What action is required if the FUEL LOW LEVEL L or R illuminates or observed fuel is less than 220 lbs?
Fuel Boost Pumps must be turned on.
Max Operating Speed limits..
1. Mmo above 29,300ft
2. Vmo btwn 8000 & 29,300ft
3. Vmo below 8000ft
1. 0.737 Mach
2. 278 KIAS
3. 260 KIAS
What is the aircrafts Va?
Maneuvering speed:
between 155 and 208 KIAS depending on conditions
What is the Vfe?
T/O ad App - 200 KIAS
Land - 161 KIAS
Max speed with the flaps failed to ground flaps (55deg)?
140 KIAS
What is the Vle?
Extended speed gear - 200KIAS
What is the Vlo?
200 KIAS up and down
What is Vsb?
Max Speed Brake limit
No Limit
Max Altitude for TO and Land?
14,000 feet
Max Tailwind component for TO and Land?
10 Knots
Min ambient temp for TO and Land?
-53 degC / -65 degF
What is the max operating altitude?
45,000 feet
Max Take off / Landing altitude?
14,000 feet
Max Engine start altitude?
14,000 feet for both Battery and Gpu
Max (RAT) for Take off / Landing?
ISA + 39 deg c
Minimum ambient temp for start?
- 53 C
What is the minimum engine start temp for a cold soaked aircraft?
- 40C (soaked for 2 hours)
Max tail wind component for engine start?
12 knots
Max cross wind component for engine start?
16 knots
Max Engine ITT for start?
1000 C for 15 secs max
Max Engine ITT for Take off?
877 C
5 mins for 2 engines
10 mins for 1 engine
Max Engine ITT for Flight?
840 C (MCT)
What is the max allowed time for engine light off - start sequence?
10 seconds
What is minimum N2 required for start?
At what N2 does the start sequence end?
What N2 will be observed at flight idle with the anti-ice on?
What is normal N2 at flight idle?
+/- 2.5%
What is the max allowed N2 for Max continuous ops?
What is the nose gear tire pressure?
125 psi
+/- 5
What is the main landing gear tire pressure?
137 psi
+/- 3
Is it acceptable to have two different brands of tire for the main landing gear?
How long after you turn on the battery master switch is acceptable before switching it off and why?
20 secs...

Not to interrupt FADEC self test
What is the aircraft demonstrated cross wind component?
25 knots
After take off or a go around, what is the minimum altitude the auto pilot can be engaged?
350 feet agl
On an ILS approach, what minimum altitude can the auto pilot be operating until?
180 feet agl
On a non precision approach, at what altitude must the auto pilot be de-activated?
350 feet agl
At what minimum cruising altitude can the auto pilot be used?
1000 ft agl
What surfaces must the aircraft be operated on?
Paved surfaces only
Can the cabin be pressurized for Take off and Landing
No, must be de-pressurized
What position must the yaw damper and autopilot switchs be in for Take off and Landing?
Off position
Can the Engine Synchronizer be on for Take off and Landing
Are you allowed to depart with the Anti Skid inop?
No. Any Take off is PROHIBITED with it inop.
What is the minimum temperature that the tail de-ice boots can be operated?
-35c RAT
How long after landing before engine shut down?
2 mins with the ITT stabilized
How long prior to engine shut down does the engine anti-ice need to be off for?
2 minutes
Speed brakes must be retracted at what altitude prior to landing?
50 feet
What items are included on the Hot Battery Bus?
Lights (baggage and exit)
Emergency Lighting
Emergency Battery Pack
How long will the Standby Flight Display run for on it's own internal battery?
88 mins
What items are on the Emergency Battery Bus?
L & R Standby N1
Comm 1
Nav and DME 1
FMS 2 (GPS 500)
Tranx 1
Audio panels 1&2
RTU 1&2
Flood Lights
Stby ADC
STBY Pitot Heat
Co-pilot Pitot Static Heat
Flap Control
Gear and Hydraulic Control
Gear lights/horn

Engine Fail or Fire below V1
Brakes - As reqd
Throttles - Idle
Spd Brakes - Extend

Engine Fail or Fire above V1
Maint. Directional Control
Airspeed - Accel to Vr
Rotate at - Vr, climb at V2
Landing Gear - Pos. rate/ gr up
Wing Xflow switch - XFLOW
Flaps - Retract at 1500ft min & accel to V2+10

Engine Fail during Final
Thrust - INCREASE (as reqd)
Airspeed - VAPP
Flaps - T/O APP

Engine Fire LH or RH
Throttle - IDLE (affected eng)
Engine Fire Button - LIFT AND PUSH
Bottle Armed Button - PUSH

Emergency Restart - Two Engines
L/R Fuel Boost - BOTH ON
Throttles - OFF then IDLE (24% N2 max)
If Altitude allows - INCREASE AIRSPEED TO 230 KTS

Electrical Fire or Smoke or Environment System Smoke
Oxygen Mask - DON and EMER
Mic Select - MIC OXY MASK

Cabin Altitude / Cabin Decompress
Oxygen Mask - DON & 100%
Mic Select - MIC OXY MASK
Emergency Des - AS REQD

Emergency Descent
Throttles - IDLE
Speed Brakes - EXTEND
Pitch Attitude - INITIAL 7.5 deg THEN ADJUST

Battery Overtemp
Volt/Amp - NOTE
Battery Switch - EMER

Autopilot Malfunction

Electric Elevator Trim Runaway
Throttles - AS REQD
Speed Brakes - AS RQD
Manual Elev Trim - AS RQD
Pitch Trim CB - PULL (left side)
What is the Mmo (above 29,300ft)
0.737 m
What is the Vmo (8000 - 29300)
278 kias
What is the Vmo (below 8000)
260 kias
Max autopilot speed?
0.737m / 278 kias
What is Vfe?
15 deg
35 deg
15 - 200 kias
35 - 161 kias
Max Speed when flaps fail to ground?
140 kias
Max tire speed?
165 kts
Min speed in sustained icing and/or turbulent air penetration?
180 kias
What is Vmcg?
Minimum control ground - 89 kts
What is Vmca?
Min control airspeed -
88 @ flaps 0
81 @ flaps 15
Max landing weight?
12,750 lbs
Max zero fuel weight?
10,510 lbs
Max oil consumption per engine?
0.1 quart per hr or 1 quart every ten hours
Minimum Battery Voltage for start?
24 V
Max number of battery starts in a 60 min period?
3 battery starts an hour
A generator assisted start is equal to..?
1/3rd of a battery start
a GPU / EPU start is equal to...
0 Battery start
What are the starter limitations?
3 starts per 30 mins with 60 seconds rest in between
What is the max amperage on the ground?
200 amps
For flight below Fl 410 what is the max amperage continuous?
300 amps
For flight above Fl 410 what is the max continuous amperage?
250 amps
How long can you fly with T/O power set? What is max temp allowed for T/O power
877 deg
5 mins with 2 engines
10 minutes with 1 engine
Min N2 for effective anti-ice?
When you experience a dual generator failure, and the Battery switch is ON, how long will battery last for?
10 mins with everything powered.
When the Battery is selected to EMER - how long will Battery last for?
30 mins
What is the minimum temperature for operation of the tai de-ice boots?
-35 deg C indicated RAT
How long must engine ITT values stabilize for after landing prior to shut down?
2 mins
How long does the Engine Anti-ice need to be off for prior to shut down?
Min 2 mins to avoid FADEC fault due to PT2/TT2 tube not cooled.
Speed brakes must be retracted prior to what altitude before landing?
50 feet
If you experience a dual engine failure in flight, what minimum airspeed will you need to get to prior to starting?
230 KIAS
Is the AOA warning rotary test required prior to flight?
Yes - mandatory
When the Battery Over Temp Annunciator illuminates what is the temp?
> 145 deg
When both the BATT OTEMP and > 165 annunciator illuminates what is it indicating?
Battery temp has now reached > 160 deg
When the fuel low level light illuminates, what does it mean?
Fuel in the specific side is at 190 lbs +/- 20
If the primary door seal fails, what are the limitations?
Max 31,000 ft
What supplies pressure to the door seals for pressurization?
23 psi Service Bleed Air
What are the baggage compartment weight limits?
Aft Cabin
Nose - 400 lb
Tail - 600 lb
Aft Cabin - 100 lb
Why is there no heating element for the fuel vents?
They are aerodynamically heated through design
What are the GCU's and what do they provide?
Generator Control Units

Start regulation
Over Voltage protection
Under Voltage protection
With the loss of Normal DC electrical power, what valves fail to the close position?
Fuel Transfer Valve
Emergency Pressurization Valve
Wing Ice X Flow valve
With the loss of Normal DC power, what valves fail open?
Engine Anti Ice
Wing Anti Ice
Windshield Bleed Air
Air source fails to Both
Is it acceptable to X-Gen start an engine on the ground?
Is it acceptable to X-Gen start an engine in the air?
It isn't possible, left squat switch

Concern of power spike from generator to avionics.
How are the flight controls operated?
Through a series of:
Bell cranks etc
What does the Rudder Bias do?
It assists the pilot with maintaining heading control when an engine failure occurs.
How does the Rudder Bias system work?
Engine bleed air is piped to provide equal pressure either side of rudder system in normal ops.
When an engine fails, that side blees air stops, allowing the operating engines B/A to provide pressure to the rudder system to aid directional control
What holds the speed brakes up in the extended position?
Hydraulic pressure
If during flight with the speed brakes extended, you lose electrical, what happens to the speed brakes?
Speed Brake Hydraulic valve fails to open releasing the pressure, blowing the speed brakes to close
With the speed brakes extended, what power setting will automatically close them?
> 85% N2 setting
In order to fly single pilot in this aircraft, what is required?
Airspeed bugs set
Charts / Checklist
Storage (for charts)
Headset with Mic
If the BATT selector is moved to the EMER position, will there be a VOLTS read out?
Yes it's connected to the EMER Bus
Inside the engine, there is a Shaft Separation Detection Device, what does this do?
Detects the onset of failure of the N2 drive shaft and will shut down the engine by closing a plunger valve shutting off the fuel
Is the N2 high or low pressure?
High pressure Turbine, high compression centrifuge
Does the engine use fuel nozzles or a slinger to deliver fuel - why?
Slinger - more reliable
If the Fuel Low Press light illuminates on the annunciator panel, what is the fuel pressure?
< 5 psi
With the ignition in the NORM position, when do the ignitors turn on and what commands them?
FADEC will turn on the ignitors when necessary:
Engine Anti Ice on
Take off
Service Air from the Hi Pressure Bleed Air system provides what psi and to what elements?
23 psi
Door seal
Tail de-ice boots
Hydraulic Pump
Cabin air
How do the FADECs continue to run in the event of complete electrical failure?
Permanent Magnet Alternators (PMA's) mounted on the fuel delivery units provide FADEC power in this event.
When the FADEC RESET is pressed, what is happening?
A full FADEC Reboot
When should an engine start be aborted?
False Start - No ITT/Fflow
Hot Start - ITT >1000
No N1 rotation by 12 % N2
Hung Start - Starter no disengage
If during start, the engine ITT runs over 1000 deg, what should the pilot do in order to aid maintenance determine the appropriate action to take?
Note what VALUE did the temp get to and how LONG was it there for?
For engine failure in flight, what are the air start limitations?
with starter assist:
Descend to Max 25,000 ft
If possible, increase speed to 200 kias.

If Windmill Start only:
Descend to Maximum 15,000 ft
Increase speed to Min 230 kias
What stall indications does the aircraft have?
AOA Indicator
Stick Shaker
Stall Strips
Airspeed Indicator
Vortex Generators
What is the aircraft Va?
Max maneuvering speed - 180 KIAS
What is the Max Altitude for the gear and flaps to lowered?
18,000 ft
With the Yaw Damper inoperative, what is the max operating altitude?
FL 300

Autopilot will not work with YD inop
Describe the Hydraulic System
It's an Open Center System
Less Fluid Rqd
produces less heat
Less back up rqd
runs at 60 psi unless a demand is placed then up to 1500 psi for short period
How many Hydraulic pumps are there?
2 total, 1 each engine
There is 1 hydraulic fluid reservoir, how much fluid will it hold?
2.2 quarts
Describe how the Anti-Skid system works?
Transducer sends a frequency from each wheel hub
Control unit monitors both frequencies
When it senses different freqs (different wheel rotation speed) then it adjusts brake pressure to avoid skid
What will happen if a pilot lands the aircraft with their feet on the brakes?
There is touchdown protection built in.
keeps brakes off for 3 secs and upto 59kts of wheel rotation
Can the anti skid be turned on while taxying out to the runway?
NO - must be stationary as brakes will not operate while anti-skid runs through self test
How much should you extend your required landing distance when you're forced to use the EMER BRAKE?
increase by 70%
With the Anti-skid inop, how much should you increase your landing distance?
Increase by 40%
What Anti-Ice / De-Ice systems does the airplane have?
De-ice boots on tail (23psi B/A)
Pitot/Static and AOA Vane Anti Ice
Windshield B/A anrti-ice
Backup windshield Alcohol (isopropyl for 10 mins)
Wing and Pylon inlet B/A anti-ice
Engine anti-ice and PT2/TT2 electric probe
When the windshield bleed air system is to be used, what limitations does it have?
Switch to LOW when >-18 deg C

Switch to HI when < -18 deg C
When the tail de-ice boot cycle is on AUTO, what is the cycle times?
Left side 6 secs on, then 6 secs off, right side 6 secs on then 2:42 off.
3 min total cycle
When the Tail de-ice boot switch is on MAN, what happens?
Boots inflate while switch held down and deflate when switch released
What is the ground limitation for the wing anti-ice use?
When the WING ICE light goes out, run for maximum of 1 minute so the wings don't get destroyed
When you lose normal DC power, what position do the windshield and wing anti ice valves fail in
They will fail to open
Icing conditions will occur when?
<10 deg C RAT and flight in visible moisture

and also when on ground less than 3/4 sm visibility.

When on ground, slush, snow pick up is also a factor
What is the minimum speed for flight in sustained icing?
180 KIAS unless on approach to land
What conditions will sound the Gear Horn?
< 130 KIAS
> 15 deg Flap - Can not silence
What items are on the gear squat switches?
Enviro System - compute climb
Gear Handle Solenoid
X gen start in flight
Grnd Flaps Annunciator
Stick shaker
How do you lower the gear when the primary system fails?
Reduce airspeed < 200 kts
Pull T-handle to release up locks
Rotate handle 45 degrees
Pull collar to release nitrogen to blow gear down
If you blow the gear down with the nitrogen, will there be enough pressure left in the tank if the EMER Brakes need to be used?
There should be enough
Which ELEC BUS is the Landing Gear Control on?
During pre-flight and prior to turning on the battery power, where will the power brake accumulator charge be at?
In the light green pre-charge and then in the dark green charged section after battery power has been applied to charge the pressure
What will the brake fluid sight gauges show during the pre-flight before and after battery power?
Before battery power, both indicators show fluid.
After battery power, bottom full and top indicator almost empty as system is charged
Nose tire pressure
Main tire pressure
Nose - 125 psi +/-5
Main - 137 psi +/- 3
How many fuel drains are there?
10 total
3 each side of outer fuselage
2 each wing
How many static wicks are required for flight?
Only 2 total can be missing, 1 per separate control surface
When fresh air is drawn in to the cabin is it pressurized?
When should the Fuel Boost Pumps come on, when in NORM position
During Engine Start
During Fuel Transfer
When Low Level is detected
Are you required to put prist in the aircraft when putting fuel on board?
No - The fuel / Oil heat exchangers sufficiently heat the fuel
When is the cabin temperature sensor?
Aft of the cabin by the floor on the aft bulkhead
Inside the cabin - where does the heat come from and where does the cool air come from?
Heat through the floor vents
Air conditioned cool air through flood vents and ceiling wemacs
Is a first aid kit required on the aircraft
If the GPU is hooked up to the aircraft but the battery is physically disconnected, will you receive any power in the cockpit when the BATT is turned on
YES, the GPU will bypass.. MUST double check the BATT is connected, you can start engine and fly with BATT disconnected
What is the Max ambient temperature allowed for engine start?
ISA + 39 deg
What is the minimum allowable ambient temperature for T/O and Landing?
- 53 deg C
Name the 4 ways the Emergency Lighting can be turned on?
Switch by pilots knees
Auto after 5 g load
Passenger Safety Switch
Loss of DC power
What lights make up the Emergency Lighting system?
2 x "Shark" lights on the right wing
2 x Emergency Exit lit signs by exits
1 x Ceiling light by main entrance to illuminate
What items are secured when the Control Lock is engaged?
All flight controls to center/neutral

Throttles to cut-off
What are the tow limits for the nose wheel when the control lock in the cockpit is ENGAGED?
60 degrees either side of center
What are the tow limits for the nose wheel when the control lock in the cockpit is NOT engaged?
95 degrees either side of center
Under what circumstances will the FLAP >35 deg annunciator illuminate?
On the Ground when flaps are down > than 35 deg and the power is set above 85%

In the Air with the flaps failed at more than 35 deg. for more than 8 seconds
Under what circumstances will the stick shaker activate?
When on the ground in test mode

In the air, when airspeed is within 8-10% of stall speed
Other than when it is in test mode, can the stick shaker activate when on the ground?
No, when not being tested, the gear squat switch de-activates, only activates when there is no w-o-w.
What items are part of the accessory gear box on each engine?
Hydraulic Pump
Fuel Pump
Oil Pump
At what pressure does the Low Oil Pressure warning come on?
When the oil pressure drops to 25 psi

Emergency Restart of Two Engines..
L/R Boost Pumps - BOTH ON
Throttles - OFF THEN BOTH IDLE (max N2 24%)
What type of Engine Oil is usable?
Mobil Jet II
Mobil Jet 254
Why is ground idle system installed on the airplane?
It recognizes when the aircraft is on the ground through the squat switch.
When power is at idle on gnd, it reduces idle thrust to a low setting, this helps to not need thrust attenuators like other cj models.
When on the ground and the throttles are in idle, the ground idle annunciator is on, showing it is working, what N2 value can be expected?
around 57% N2
Where is the Pitch Trim Circuit Breaker located?
Left Circuit Breaker Panel
From the bottom row forward, go up one row and back three CB's
When the Battery is connected in the aft compartment, what, Bus is powered prior to the BATT switch being turned on?
Hot Battery Bus
What is the Ampere output of the generators?
300 amperes
What is a basic description of how the Williams FJ44-3a engine operates?
Medium bypass, single stage fan design, single stage centrifugal hi pressure, driven by a single stage uncooled high pressure (HP) turbine. FADEC Controlled.
When both Generators fail, does it trigger the Master Warning (RED) light?

Only Master Caution for Single Gen Failure
If the GCU (Generator Control Unit) recognizes a fault or problem with the generator power/output, what does it do?
The GCU will take its respective (l or r) generator offline.
You have a dual generator in flight, what is the appropriate action prior to resetting one or both generators?
Check the voltage of each Gen by switching VOL SEL switch to determine if one or both are faulting
Can you depart with a Battery Over Temp?
For Battery Limitations - How many Battery Starts are allowed in a 60 min (1 hr) period?
3 max
For Starter Limitations - How many starts in a 60 min (1hr) period?
3 starts allowed in 30 mins with min. 1 min rest periods in between each start attempt
For the Avionics - what does the term IAPS mean?
What does the avionics IAPS do?
Computes all of the data from the ADC, AHC, FADEC, ECU, FDU before translating and displaying
Can a pilot depart under single pilot operations with the copilots PFD inop?
No all three screens (PFD's and MFD) must be operating
The autopilot is PROHIBITED for use with VOR approaches when what situation occurs?
PROHIBITED when the VOR station is positioned 15 miles or more behind the airplane at any time during the approach
if on an ADF approach, do you have to continuously monitor the ADF Morse Freq?
No, if you are receiving a signal from the station, the ADF pointer will be displayed on the PFD, so you can continue the approach
If on final approach to land, you realize that you have not set your V-speeds into your PFD, what is the best action?
Continue the approach using the Green Donut as reference to your app speed
After departing, at what speed will the departure V-speed be removed from the airspeed tape on the PFD?
once the aircraft passes 200 KIAS, (careful if not exceeding 200 kts when single engine coming back around to land)
If you want to set v-speeds for take off, what page would you go to using the DCP (display control panel)
Refs page 1
If you want to set v-speed for approach, what page would you go to?
Refs page 2
What page on the PFD would you go to if you want to set RA or BARO alt for approach?
Refs page 3
What page on the PFD would you access to change the HPA to Inches and the Transition Alt/Transition Lvl?
Refs page 3
Is your aircraft certified for Category II approaches?
Can the autopilot be used in severe icing conditions?
Minimum flight weight?
8160 lbs
What is the aircrafts demonstrated cross wind component?
25 kts, not a limitation
What is the maximum allowable contamination on the runway (slush/standing water)
0.75 inches
What is the maximum pressure differenatial?
8.9 psid
Continuous use of aircraft supplemental oxygen is not permitted about what altitude... with / without passengers?
with - 25,000 ft

without - 40,000ft (w/eros)
When must the ground idle switch be turned on?
When performing touch and go's

When operating on the ground with the engine anti-ice on
What portion of the engine is the fire detection system wrapped around?
The N2 section
How many engine fire extinguishing bottles are there and where are they located?
2 located in the tail cone section
How are you supposed to check the fire bottle charge pressure for flight?
Check the placard in rear of aircraft with matching outside air temp.
When you press the L or R fire light, what annunciator illuminations can you expect to see?
Gen L or R
Hyd Press L or R
Fuel Press L or R
Does a cross generator start count towards a battery start?
yes 1/3 of a Batt Start
What is the Voltage rating in the electrical system?
29 volts
What is the purpose of the battery disconnect switch?
To electronically disconnect Battery.
In event of Battery Over temp
In event of Stuck Starter
What items are on the Hot Battery Bus?
Volt meter
Nose and Tail baggage lights
Emergency Lights
What items are on the Emergency Battery Bus?
N1 indicator
Comm 1
Nav 1
RTU 1 / Stdby HSI
Stdby flt. display
Emergency Lighting
Landing Gear Control
Stdby pitot static heat
Both audio panels
Garmin 500 (FMS 2)
When do the fuel boost pumps come on when the switches are in normal?
X - feed
Fuel Low pressure
If you get Type 4 anti-ice solution sprayed on the aircraft at an FBO, what is Cessna's recommendation regarding aircraft configuration on take off?
Cessna recommends to take off with flaps 0
What protects the fuel in the wings against the hot air passing through the leading edge for ice protection?
Purge air from a small inlet hole by the wing root passes cool air between the hot bleed air and the fuel tank and gets expelled with the bleed air through a wing tip vent.
Which aileron is the aileron trim tab on?
Left Aileron
Prior to Maneuvers Acronym
Ignitions ON
Computations VREF
Clearing Turns COMPLETE
Engine Sync OFF
Yaw Damp OFF
What are the 5 items that limit Take off Weight?
Max Gross Take Off Weight
Balanced Field Length
2nd Segment Climb Gradient
Obstacle Clearance Req
Vbke brake energy limit
What FAR's is the CE-525 certified under?
Part 23 Commuter

Part 36 Noise Requirements
Can you fly the CJ and Cj-1 on the 525 type rating?
Yes you can fly all of the 525 series
Is the Pro Line 21 operators guide required on the aircraft for flight?
When is the most appropriate time to check the engine oil level to ensure correct reading?
10 minutes after shut down
With regard to circuit breakers, what is the definition for CHECK/RESET and just RESET
CHECK/RESET - Check the CB, if it is in then leave it, if it is out then reset.

RESET - If it is in, then pull and reset, if it is out then reset.

Both scenarios - 1 rest max
What indications in the cockpit display an Oil Filter Bypass?
No cockpit Indication.

The oil filter bypass press indicator is checked on pre-flight
What does it mean when the annunciator panel Tail De-Ice Fail light illuminates?
It means the Tail De-ice Timer has failed
What is the cabin temperature limitations for the passenger oxygen masks?
Must be at or above 0 deg C for 20 minutes after aircraft has been cold soaked for 2+hours
When flying at night, how do you know when there is ice forming on the aircraft?
By using the left wind inspection light and the windshield ice detector lights
Will the passenger oxygen masks deploy automatically?
Yes, if the Oxygen Control Valve is in Normal and cabin altitude exceeds 14,500ft. There must be DC power available.
How does the emergency brake system work?
It uses nitrogen from the emergency air bottle.
What precautions should you take while using the emergency brakes?
There's NO anti-skid protection.
There's limited use due to amount of air.
Keep feet of pedals and don't taxi to the ramp
What are the three pressurization modes for the pressure controller?
Auto - Digital controller schedule functioning, enter destination alt

Isobaric - Air Data sensor fail, Yellow light, pilot inputs Cruise and land data

Manual - Total pressurization fail, manually control cabin alt
What switches turn on the AC compressor?
AC to auto and Defog fan
What is the temp range for the auto temperature control?
65 - 85 deg F
What do you do if the PILOTS PFD goes blank?
Use the REV switch to move display to the MFD