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What is Photosynthesis?
the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy.
What is Autotroph?
an organism that uses sunlight or inorganic substances to make organic compounds.
What is Heterotroph?
an organism that consumes food to get energy.
What is Cellular Respiration?
building molecules that can be used as an energy source, or breaking down molecules in which energy is stored.
What is Metabolism?
the process of getting energy from food.
What is the flow of energy?
1. Light from the sun reaches Earth.
2. Plants absorb sunlight.
3 Plants convert sunlight to chemical energy.
4. Plants use chemical energy to make organic compounds.
5. Animals eat plants to get energy.
What is the difference between cellular respiration and getting energy from a log by burning it?
When a log burns, the energy stored in the wood is released quickly as heat and light But in cells, chemical energy stored in food molecules in released gradually in a series of enzymes assisted by chemical reactions.
What is ATP called an "energy currency"?
because like money in a bank ATP stores energy and releases it when needed.
How is energy released from ATP?
when bonds that hold the phosphate group together are broken.
How is ATP important to cell metabolism?
because ATP is used to give energy.
What are the stages of Photosynthesis?
1. Energy is captured from sunlight.
2. Light energy is converted to chemical energy, which is temporaily stored in ATP and NADPH.
3. Energy stored in ATP and NADPH powers the formation of organic compounds, using carbon dioxide.