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Waht is a Vesicle
eukariotic cells used to teransport materials
What is a nuclear envlope
the inner most part of the nucleaus
What does a lysosomes do?
they dispose of macromolecues.
Waht doe sthe Ribosme do?
it is the protien factory of a cell.
What us a nucleus
Its the inside of the nucleus
What are a cells power plants
The power plants are the ribosomes
What is a nucleic acid
What is a plasma membrane?
a double layered structure that protects the cell.
Wha does the nucler envelope do?
it protects the nucleus
what do lysosomes do?
there are the cells garbage
What does it contain
It contains RNA & Proteins
What is a Ribosome
its the protein factory of the cell
what is a cytoskelotin do
it supports the cell.
What is a flagella?
a whiplike structe that helps the cell move.
what does a nucleus do?
It is the brain of the cell
What are the folds in a mitchodrion called?
what does nucliuc acids do?
they store DNA
waht are the golgis structured by?
from 4=6 aisitine, or flattened sacs