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what is the structure and funtion of the cell membrane. is it prokaryotic or eukaryotiv, euk. then is it found in plants or animals, or both?
structure- outside covering the cell
function- protects the cell, allows things in and out of the cell, detect and respond to changes. pro and euk.
baggie in the lab we did in class
what is the structure and function of the cytoplasm. pro or euk?
structure- soup within all the other organelles float. enzymes and and euk
what is the structure and function of the nucleus. pro or euk
structure- nuclear membrane, contains pores, DNA, nucleolus,
function-communicates with the surrounding cytosol, produces ribosomes
the brain.
what is the structure/function of the chloroplasts? pro or euk?
structure- fluid stroma, stacks of disks made of membranes (grana), chlorophyl.. eukaryotic in animals only
function-site of photosynthesis
stacks of cd's
what is the structure/function of mithochondria? pro or euk?
structure-inner membrane called cristae
function - use oxygen to prouduce high energy(ATP), process called aerobic respiration, abundant in cells that require lots of energy, euk just in animals.
found in animals
what is the structure/function of vacoules. euk or pro
structure- single membrane surrounding solid or liguid contents, variet of diff. substances
function- acts as a container
euk. in plants and animals
tupper ware container
what is the structure/function of centrioles.. euk. or pro.. if eu. found in ?
structure- comes in pairs, not in plants, composed of short microtubules arranged in a cylinder. eukaryotic only in animals
function- funtion in cell division
not in plants
what is the structure/function of endoplasmic reticulum?prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
structure- network of chanels that estend from cell membrane through cytoplasm to nuclear membrane, rough and smooth, smooth has no ribosomes.
function-transport materials through the cell
found in plants and animals -eukaryotic
what is the function/strucutre of ribosomes? pro or euk?
structure- small dot like, rough ER, made in nucleus.
function site of protein synthesis
pro and euk.
what is the structure/funtion of golgi aparatus? uek or pro?
structure- sacs stacked like pancakes,vesicles which have been pinched off from edges
function-shipping department, modification of lipids, euk.
closet, garage at the mall
what is the structure/function of vesicles? euk. or pro.?
structure- liquid fille sac, formed by pinching off the golgi
function- shipping container w/cells, package liquids containing a wide variety of substances, carry materials to other parts of the cell or the outside cell
what is the structure/function of lysosomes. pro or euk
eukaryotic in animals
structure-liquid filled sac, resemble vacoules and vesicles
function-breakdown complex macromolecules, digest substances brought into the cell, digest parts of cell itself,
what is the structure/function of cytoskeleton? euk or pro.
found in both pro and euk.
function-helps maintain cell shape, movement of cell organelles within the cell