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why is rubisco important?
it is the most important enzyme in nature
organisms that obtain energy from the foods that they eat.
what is PGAL?
when PGA is energized to form this
where in the chloroplast does electron transport take place?
photosynthetic membrane
clusters of pigment molecules
what takes place in the middle of the photsynthetic chain?
hydrogen ions are being pumped across the membrane
which product in the basic equation for photsynthesis is obtained directly from water?
what did ingenhousz do to help the understanding of photosyntesis?
Light is neccessary for plants to produce oxygen.
what are the requirements for photosynthesis?
light absortion, electron transport, oxygen production, and Atp formation
what is the balanced equation for photosynthesis?
6CO + H O Light-->C H O + 6O
what is the dark cylce, or Calvins cycle?
carbon dioxide is used to make a complex molecule. this molecule is a building block used to make other molecules like glucose.
what are the products of photosynthesis?
glucose and oxygen
how many hydrongen ions are produced each time in photolysis?
the principal pigment of green plants.
what is electron transport?
when high-energy electrons are passed from one electron carrier to the next. as they are being passed, a little bit of energy is being lost each time
organisms that are able to use a source of energy, like light, to produce food directly from simple inorganic molecules.
what is PGA?
when an unstable 6 carbon molecule instantly splits into two 3 carbon molecules
what did priestly do to contribute to photosynthesis?
he noticed that plants release oxygen.
what other substance is obtained from water during the light reaction?
hydrogen ions and oxygen
what are the requirements of photosynthesis?
carbon dioxide, water, light, chlorophyll
hich reactant in the basic equation for photsynthesis is used in the light reaction?
What did van helmont do to contribute to photosynthesis?
that carbon dioxide in the air made a major contribution to the mass of trees.
what is produced in the light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis?
ATP,NADPH, oxygen
What is photosynthesis?
the process of photosynthesis is when plants covert the energy of sunlight into the energy in the chemical bonds of carbohydrates- sugars and starches.
what are the energy storing comounds created by photosynthesis?
what else is being added to NADP+ besides 2 electrons?
hydrogen ions
what is the energy souce from the basic process of photosynthesis?
where does the energy come from to split water molecules?
why is chlorophyll essential to photsynthesis?
it absorbs the most amount of sunlight
how many water molecules are split at one time?
what is PGA?
when an unstable 6 carbon molecule instantly splits into two 3 carbon molecules
colored substances that absorb or reflect light.