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What is the status up and up?

An interface is ready to receive and send packets for frames; specifically it's line status and protocol status

What is the status "connected"?

Single item status code listed by switch "show interface status" command with this status referring to a working interface

What does the "error disabled" status mean?

An interface State on LAN switches that can be the result of one of many security violations

What is the term that refers to the process of taking what you know about a possible issue, confirming that there is a problem and determining which devices and cables could be part of the problem, and which ones are not part of the problem

Problem isolation

What is a root cause?

The reason why a problem exists, specifically a reason for which, if changed, the problem would either be solved or changed to a different problem

What is a duplex mismatch?

On opposite ends of any ethernet link, the condition in which one of the two devices uses full duplex logic and the other uses half-duplex logic, resulting in unnecessary frame discards and re- transmissions on the link

What is The part of the process by which you fix the root cause of the problem so that the problem no longer exists in the context of troubleshooting methods?


Define escalate in the context of troubleshooting methods.

A defined a business process by which the person assigned to troubleshoot a problem can move the problem on to another worker in cases in which the original worker cannot solve the problem, or the problem has a large impact and needs more attention

What are what are the steps for troubleshooting problems?

Step 1- problem isolation and documentation

Step 2- resolve or escalate

Step 3- verify or monitor