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SA2, W.K. 9?

a. identify vital record needs in the org., including paper and electronic records
b. evaluate existing backup and restoration procedures for vital records
c. advise on and implement feasible, cost-effectve backup and restration procedures for all forms of the org. vital records
SA2 - prof. role 3?
3. identify outside expertise required
What is Subject Area 1?
project initiation and management
SA2 - prof. role 6? credible info. sources
what is subject area 3?
business impact analysis
SA2 - prof. role 4?
4. id vulnerabilities/threats/exposures
How many subject areas are covered under the common body of knowledge?
SA2 - prof. role 8?
8.document and present findings
what is subject area 6?
developing and implementing business continuity plans
SA2 - Prof. Role 1?
1. Understand the function of probabilities and risk reduction/mitgation within the organization
What is subject area 2?
risk evaluation and control
SA 2 W.K. 6?
6. evaluate the effectiveness of controls and safeguards
a. develop communications low with other internal departments/divisions
b. establish business continuity SLAs for both supplier and customer organizations and groups
c. develop preventive and pre-planning options
- cost/benefit
- implementation priorities, procedures and control
- testing
- audit functions and responsibilities
- understand options for risk management and selection of appropriate or cost-effective response, ie risk avoidance, transfer or acceptance of risk
-develop interface with suppliers and utilities
- develop security practices
- identify methods to minimize the effects of the loss potential
- brief participants, ensuring the understand their objectives and reporting structure
what is subject area 4?
developing business continuity strategies
SA 1 - professional's role step 5?
5. develop project plan and budget
what is subject area 5?
emergency response and opertions
SA 2, W.K. 5?
5. identify and implement info. gathering activities
a. Develop a strategy consistent with issues and organizational policy
b. develop a strategy that can be managed across business divisions and organizational locations
c. employ credible information sources
d. create organization-wide methods of information collection and distribution
1. forms and questionnaires
2. interviews
3. meetings
4. documentation review
5. analysis
e. use software
SA 1 - professional's role step 3?
3. oversee the BCP project through effective control methods and change management
SA2 - prof. role 7?
7.interface with management to detm. acceptable risk levels
what is subject area 7?
awareness and training programs
SA2 W.K. 2?
2. detm. The org. vulnerability to loss potentials

a. identify primary threats the organization may face and secondary/collateral events that could materialzize because of such threats (eg hurricand thereat could result in several events including high winds, flood, fire, building and roof collapse)
subject area 10 overview?
establish applicable procedures and policies for coordinating response, continuity and restoration activities with local authorities while ensuring compliance with applicable statues or regulations
SA2 - how many areas should the prof. be able to demonstrate?
subject area 8 overview?
pre-plan and coordinate plan exercises and evaluate and document plan exercise results. Develop processes to maintain the currency of continuity capabilities and the plan document in accordance with the organization's strategic direction. Verify that the Plan will prove effective by comparison with a suitable standard, and report results in a clear and concise manner
SA2, W.K. 4?
4. evaluate, select, and use appropriate risk analysis methodologies and tools
a. identify alternative risk analysis methodologies and tools
1. qualitative and quantitative methodologies
2. advantages and disadvantages
3. reliability/confidence factor
4. basis of mathematical formulas used

b. select appropriate methodology and tool(s) for company-wide implementation
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 8?
8. develop porject management and documentation reqts.
subject area 3 overview?
identifify the impacts resulting from disruptions and disaster scenarious tht can affect the organization ad techniques that can be used to quantify and qualify such imacts. Establish critical functions their recovery priorities and inter-dependencies so that recovery time objectives can be set
subject area 1 - how many steps in the professional's role?
subject area 9 overview?
develop, coordinate, evaluate and exercise plans to handle media during crisis situations. Develop, coordinate, evaluate and exercise plans to communicate with and, as appropriate, provide trauma counseling for employees and their families, key customers, critical suppliers, owners/stockholders and corporate management during crisis. Ensure all stakeholders are kept informed on an as-needed basis
SA2 - prof. role 5? risk reduction/mitigation alternatives
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 2?
2. communicate the need for a BCP.

- develop awareness by means of formal reorts and presentations
- state the benefits of the BCP and relate the benefits to organizational mission, objectives and operations
- gain organizational commitment to the BCP project
- develop a mission statement/charter for the BCP project
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 9?
9. report to senior management and obtain senior management approval/commitment

- set up a schedule to report the progress of the BCP project to senior managers
- develop regular status reports for senior management that contain concise, pertinent, accurate and timely information on key parameters of interest or information of which senior mgmt. should be made aware
what is subject area 10?
coordination with public authorities
SA 1 - professional's role step 1?
lead sponsors in defining objectives, policies and critical success factors

- scope and objectives
- legal and requirements reasons
- case histories
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 6?
6. identify planning teams and responsibilities
- emergency management/crisis management team
- BCP teams (multi-location, multi-divisions, etc.)
- recovery/response and restoration teams
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 5?
5. develop budget requirements

-clearly define resource requirements
- obtain estimates of financial requirement
- verify the validity of resource reqts.
- validate the estimates of financial requirements
- negotiate resource and financial reqts. with management
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 7?
7. develop and coordinate action plans
SA 1 - professional should demonstrate a working knowledge in how many areas?
SA 1 - professional's role step 2?
2. coordinate and organize/manage the BCP project using a steering committee and project task force; understand the difference between disaster recovery, response, mitigation/avoidance, contingency planning, business continuity and crisis management
subject area 7 overview?
prepare a program to create corporate awareness and enhance the skills required to develop, implement, maintain and execute the BCP
subject area 4 overview?
determine and guide the selection of alternative business recovery operating strategies for recovery of business and information technolgies within the recovery time objective, while maintaining the orgaization's critical functions
SA2 - Prof. Role 2?
2. Identify potential risks to the organization

- probability
- consequences
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 4?
4. establish a planning/steering committee: roles and responsibilities, types of organization, control and development and membership

-select appropriate personnel
- define their roles and responsibilities
- develop an overall project with realistic time estimates and schedule
- develop a suitable set of objectives for the BCP
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 3?
3. involve executive management in the BCP project

- explain executive management's role in the BCP project
- explain and communicate management's accountability and liability
subject area 2 overview?
determine the events and environmental surroundings that can adversely affect the organization and its facilities with disruption as well as disaster, the damage such events can cause and the controls needed to prevent or minimize the efects of potential loss. Provide cost-benefit anlysis to justify investment in contols to mitigate risks.
SA 1 - professional's role step 6?
define and recommend project structure and management
SA 1 - professional working knowledge area 1?
1. establish the need for business continuity

- reference relevant legal/ regulatory/ statutory/ contractual requirements and restrictions
- reference relevant regulations of industry trade bodies or associations, where appropriate
- reference current recommendations of relevant authorities (define these)
- relate legislation, regulations, and recommednations to org. policy
- identify any conflicts between organizational policies and relevant external requirements
- identify any audit records
- propose methods, which may include a CDP to resolve any conflicts between organizational policies and relevant external requirements
- identify business practices (eg just-in-time inventory) that may adversely impact the organization's ability to recover following a disaster event
subject area 5 overview?
develop and implement procedures for response and stabilizing the situation following an incident or event, including establishing and managing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to be used as a command center during the emergency
what is subject area 9?
public relations and crisis communications
SA 1 - professional's role step 7?
7. manage the process
subject area 6 overview?
design, develop and implement the business continuity plan that provides recovery within the recovery time objective
overview of subject area 1?
establish the need for BCP including obtaining management support and organizing and managing the project to completion within agreed upon time and budget limits
SA 1 - professional's role step 1?
lead sponsors in defining objectives, policies and critical success factors

- scope and objectives
- legal and requirements reasons
- case histories
what is subject area 8?
maintaining and exercising business continuity plans
SA 1 - professional's role step 1?
1. lead sponsors in defining objectives, policies and critical success factors

- scope and objectives
- legal and requirements reasons
- case histories
How many professional role requirements in SA2?
SA 1 - professional's role step 4?
4. present (sell) the Project ot management and staff