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When did the policy of "Splendid Isolation" start, what is it, when did it end and why?

It started after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815 and it meant that Britain would keep out of Europe's affairs. It ended towards the end of the 1800s because they were afraid of the rising power of Germany.

What happened as a result of the "Franco-Prussian War"?

A Prussian win and the formation of the new nation of Germany which included Alsace and Lorraine.

Who signed the Dual alliance, when did they sign it and what did it mean?

Germany and Austria-Hungary signed it in 1879, this meant they would help each other if they came under attack.

Who joined the Dual Alliance to form the Triple Alliance and when?

Italy joined the dual alliance in 1882.

Which two countries signed an agreement to help each other if they came under attack from Germany, what was it called and when?

France and Germany signed the Franco-Russian alliance in 1894.

Who entered into an alliance called the Entente Cordiale(Friendly Agreement), what did it mean and when was it signed?

France and Great Britain agreed not to be rivals over empires in 1904.

Who joined the Entente Cordiale making it the Triple Entente and when?

Russia joined in 1907.

What did the Kaiser call a "scrap of paper".

The agreement between Belgium and Britain.

What is the combination of alliances known as?

The alliance system.

What is the policy known as "Weltpolitik"?

It is Kaiser Wilhelm's policy of wanting to build an empire(have his "place in the sun".