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Key tar sand deposits in the world

Alberta and Venezuela

Percentage of undiscovered oil and gs reserves


Where and how much oil did the Russians discover

Lomonlosov Ridge, 70 billion barrels

Size and percentage of Arctic the Russians have claimed

1/2 million miles^2= 50% of Arctic

Energy needed to create 1 barrel of Alberta oil in comparison with conventional oil

3 times more energy is required

Amount of waste created per tonne of oil

1 tonne of Alberta oil= 1/2 barrel of synthetic crude (waste)

Size of Beaufort sea

100 miles ^2

Increased energy insecurity

Exploration of technically difficult and environmentally sensitive areas

Oil/tar sands

Naturally occurring mixtures of sand or clay + water + extremely dense and viscous form of petroleum called bitumen


Canadian government


Americans (main buyers)

Oil companies