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A system of grouping industries according to the type of product produced or service provided.
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
Those companies and businesses that produce or provide some type of personal or business service, such as transportation, finance, insurance, and trade.
Service-producing Industries
Those companies and businesses, such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and agriculture, which poduce some type of product.
Goods-producing Industries
A reference source produced by the federal government that provides occupational information and data.
Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
An informal phrase used to describe the network of occupations and industries that exists within the American economic system.
World of Work
Information about a specific occupation that explains what the work is like, the tasks involved, the working conditions, the earnings, and so on.
Occupational Description
A system of grouping occupations based on the type of work performed.
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)
The process of collecting information about an occupation of interest using one or more printed resources or data.
Occupational Search
In the SIC system, places of employment such as factories and hospitals.