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Who are the Developmental Career theorists?
Super and Ginzberg
Ginzberg was what kind of career development theorist. His career theory occured in three periods
Fantasy 0-11
Tentative 11-17
Realisitic 17-20
Ginzberg Realistic theory consists of three stages
Exploration, Crystillazation, Specification
Who had the first theory to conceptualize occupational choice as a developmental process
Super's primary contributions to the field are his assumptions that
Self-Concept influences career choice and vocational maturity is related to career sucess
According to Super there are five developmental stages that influence career choice and development
Growth,Exploration,Establishment Maintenance, Decline
Birth to 15
15 to 24
25 to 44
45 to 64
65 to years
Super's Developmental Task
Super's Vocational Maturity
1.The life stage a person in/or expected to be in
2. Maturity within the life-stage he or she is in.
Is one of the leading researchers in the area of career maturity
Super's theory has yielded several career developmental inventories such as his CDI and
Crites maturity inventory
Name the theories affliated with personality theories (3)
trait and factory, Holland, Roe
Who is affiliated with Trait and Factory
E.G. Williamson
Trait and Factor assess individual characteristics such as intelligence, assertiveness, and creativity, and analyses based on this information
A person is matched to a career
E.G. Williamson an advocate developed a six-step process of vocational counseling
Outline six personality types and work environments that help an individual make appropriate career decisions
Holland Theory RIASEC
According to Holland a consistant person is
the degree to which the elements that make up his her subtype or similar ESC/ISA
The fit between someone's personality type and environment
When a individuals personality is well defined
Who has almost all equal characterisitics of many types or environment that equal all six types
Holland's measurement tools
Vocational Preference Inventory/Self-Directed Search
Believed that experiences in early childhood are related to career behavior and vocational choice satisfy a need
Roe's theory consists of
Six levels and 8 fields
Roe agreed that ____play a role in determining the field and level of an individual's occupation
Roe believed that_____is the most important determinant of one's occupation
early childhood experiences
Roe beleived that parent child relations significantly influenced a child's .
occupational field choice
Roe theory was based on which theorist
Occupational level Maslow's Needs Heirarchy
Roe used what kind of intrument
COPS, Vocational Interest Inventory VII
Career Decision Making Models who are the theorists
Tiedman, Vroom, Janis and Mann, Gelatt
Tiedman views career decision making as related to the lifelong development of the
ego identity
In career decision making two activities are analogous
anticipation and implementation
Jann and Mann propose that____arises when an individual has to make a decision that involves personal risk or consequences
Janis and Mann propses three possible reponses
Defensive Avoidance
Gelatt's Model Consists of
Predictive, Value, Decision
The exploration and establishment phases of career development are associated with
The fantasy and realistic stages are associated with
Which theorist looked at the entire lifespan
____is a concept with both Super and Crites
Career Maturity
Structional organization, developmental sequence, and interactionism are the three major factors influencing____theories of career development
_____theory considers the ideal match between an individual's personality characterisitcs and his or her career
trait and factor
The personality theory of____proposes a typology career choice, dividing people into____primary personality types
Roe was concerned with the____a person reached within a particular___
Roes theory is related to whom's theory_____
Tiedman's career decision making theory is partially based on___theory of psychosocial development
Wright's model of decision making is a mathmatical one, where the___outcomes is based on decisions
Vroom claims that decision making involves conflicting forces called
valences and expectation
____model of decision making emphasized the clear definition of objectives and analysis of information when makeing a career decision
Which theorist developed 5 stages for career program planning
Herr and Cramer
Stages are
Develop and Program
State Program Goals and Beh Obj
Select Alternate Program Processes
Develop the Evaluation Design
Specify Milestones
Ginzberg revised his theory to say that
says that occupational choice can continue through adulthood
According to Super, the degree of work satisfication individuals achieve is relative to the degree to which they have implemented their
self concept
Schlossberg's model of career development provides a framework for helping which of the following groups
how adults go through and react to specific types of career transitions
According to trait and factor what will cause job/career sucess
personality and specific job
Roe would say that the occupational level a person achieves is related to which of the following
unconcious psychological need
The occupational handbook
gives comprehensive information about 250 occupations
According to Holland, someone with low vocational identity
has little clarity concerning vocational goals
Janis and Mann would predict the best outcome for a person who uses a _____decision making style
For Vroom, decision making occurs in a field of conflicting forces. This "forces' results from which of the following
a combination of valences and expectancies
The model for career program planning developed by Herr and Cramer includes five stages
Develop a program rationale and philosopy
Gelatt when a persons abandons his dreams of becoming a football player after reading the statistics
In contrast to the indirect model, the direct model behavioral model of career counseling focuses on
consequences of a response
In terms of relationship between work and leisure, many in the career counseling field now
view a career as including all the work and leisure a person may egage in during a life time
A career counseling client wishes to use a computer program that wil provide specific information about occupations. Which would be the best choice
Which computer based information systems provide information based on Holland's coding scheme
A measure of general interests intended to have a wide appeal to all job levels. Includes 7 general occupational theme scales and 15 basic interest scales and its items have an easy vocabularly level
Jackson Career Directions Inventory
To function as an effective source of information, a career counselor
provide realistic expectations
In Holland's terms, the fit between personality type and environment is called
Gottfredson's theory of Circuscription (ruling out) & Compromise
What does she feel is the important element in choosing a career
Self Concept
Gottfredson four stages in career development

orientation to size and power
sex roles
social valuation
internal unique self
In Gott's theory through developmental stages one would
rule out and compromise