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Applying original or borrowed ideas to situations in which they have not been used before
What is the goal of government regulation of business?
to balance the rights of individuals with the rights of business
Interaction with other people
human relations
A business plan is a statement or report that defines your business and...........
identifies its goals
The ability to regulate your behavior and actions
Future entrepreneurs should plan their businesses around goods and services that..........
they have confidence in
A statement or report that defines a business and identifies its goal
business plan
What percentage of businesses in the United States are considered small?
An enterprise that is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field
Small business
An entrpreneur must respond to the needs of........
employees and customers
Skills that relate to handling all the financial aspects of a job or business
Management skills
Entrpreneurs are most successful in businesses that
they find interesting and enjoyable
A federal agency established to assit and protect small business
Because entrepreneurs are their own bosses, they........
must have a great deal of self-discipline
Skills that relate to knowledge of an industry, product or craft
industry skills
Resources for information on small businesses include.....
SCORE, public libraries, trade associations (all of the above)
Representation of small business interests before Congress and other federal agencies
An entrepreneur should be...............
a self-starter, emotionally strong, highly motivated (all of the above)
A nonprofit agency with more than 13,000 volunteeer business executives who provide free counseling and training to small business owners
Entrepreneurs can improve their chances of succeeding by.............
planning more carefully