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You can learn about different kinds of jobs by looking around...
your neighborhood, local restaurants, and your home, (all of the above)
arts, humanities, and sciences
involves work performed in universities, research laboratories, libraries, concert halls, and newspaper offices
natural resources and environment
includes miners, forestry workers, and game wardens
interested in the mass production of goods in a factory setting
How many different kinds of careers are there?
about 20,000
marine science
involves both research and fishing
An occupational cluster is a group of occupations that...
are related in some way
involves work performed in farm fields, orchards, barns, and storage areas
What tells whether the need for certain work will grow or shrink over the next several years?
employment trends
business and office
includes cashiers, purchasing agents, typists, and complaint clerks
physical performing
interested in athletics, sports, and other events
home economics
includes dietitians, nutritionists, fashion designers, and child care workers
Career interest areas are categories of work that are similar according to...
involves building such things as homes, roads, dams, and other structures
protective (authority)
interested in enforcing laws, regulations, policies, and standards
public service
includes firefighters, sanitary engineers, parole officers, and social workers
interested in research and experiments in living and nonliving things under controlled conditions
hospitality and recreation
includes jobs having to do with travel, food, lodging, entertainment, and sports
interested in planning, directing, and managing the activities needed to organize and deliver programs and services
involves designing, operating, and maintaining systems and equipment for moving people and freight