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Sodium channel blockers 1a

Disopyramide, quinidine, procainamide

sodium channel blocker 1b

Mexiletine, tocanide, lidocaine, phenytoin

Sodium channel blocker 1c

Flecainide, propafenone

Beta blockers II

Propranolol, acebutolol, emsolol

Potassium channel blockers III

Bretylium, amiodarone

Calcium channel blockers

Verapamil diltiazam


Class III

Prolonged action potential


Class I b

Slows depolarization and automaticity

when given in overdose it can have significantCentral Nervous System side effects such as tinnitus, confusion, and convultions


Class I a

Reduces automaticity and av conduction

intended for treatment of a fib with rabip ventricular response and ventricular arrythmias

Phenytoin aka dilation

Depresses av conduction and automaticity


Slows av conduction


Class II

Beta blocker

Slows heart rate through selective blockade of b I receptors


Class II

Lowers blood pressure through no selective blockade of b receptors


Class IV

Lowers blood pressure by relaxing vascular smooth muscle

Magnesium sulfate



what do sodium channel blockers do?

they affect the rate at which impulses travel down the conduction system of the atria and ventricles

Does NOT affect SA and AV node

what do class 1a sodium channel blockers do?

Slows conduction

Decreases repolarization rate

Widens QRS

Prolongs QT


sodium channel blocker class 1 a

Reduces automaticity and av conduction intended for treatment of a fib with rapid ventricular response and ventricular arrhythmia's can induce unintended tachycardia's

what do sodium channel blockers class 1b do?

increase rate of repolarization,

Decreases automaticity in ventricular cells

what do sodium channel blockers class c do?

decreases conduction velocity through atria and ventricles and through bundle of his and purkinje system = delayed ventricular repolarization

what do beta blockers do?

indicated for treatment of tachycardia's resulting from excessive sympathetic stimulation.
Identical to calcium channel blockers