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A racing pulse feels like?
a) 7 or more beats per respiration
b) 120 or more beats per minute
A racing pulse indicates?
a) Exuberance of yang,
b) Exhaustion of yin
c) Yang desertion
d) normal in children under 3
e) normal in women about to give birth
A tight pulse feels like?
a) Tense, forceful, wiry
b) vibrates to L & R
c) "Like a tightly stretched & twisted rope"
d) 70-80 BPM considered normal
A moving/stirring pulse indicates?
a) Pain pattern (intense pain where qi has gone to center of body)
b) intense fright
c) c/b at any level
A moving/stirring pulse feels like?
a) Rapid, short, slippery, forceful
b) felt only at the guan position
c) "Like a bean moving or spinning"
A moderate pulse feels like?
a) 4 beats per respiration
b) 60-64 beats per minute
c) liesurely, balanced
A minute/faint pulse indicates?
a) Vacuity of yang, yin, qi, & blood; points to yang qi vacuity
b) critical illness
A minute/faint pulse feels like?
a) Extremely fine, soft, forceless, floating & indistinct, almost imperceptible
b) Disappears intermittently under slight pressure
A soft/soggy pulse indicates?
a) Vacuity of qi & blood (loose, slack)
b) Dampness (b/c of damp qi obstructing the vessel)
A soft/soggy pulse feels like?
a) Fine, floating, & forceless (small)
b) Less distinct with more pressure is applied
c) "Like a strand of cotton floating on water"
A leather/drumskin pulse indicates?
a) loss of blood or jing
A Leather/Drumskin pulse feels like?
a) A combo of hollow (taught) & wiry pulses
b) like a tight drumskin; hard on the outside and empy inside
A scattered pulse indicates?
a) Dissipation of yuan qi (ST/postnatal qi exhaustion; no "production"/maintenance of yuan qi; yin is not constraining yang)

b) Impending expiry of organ qi Rootless (re: to KI/chi pulses) b/c
A scattered pulse feels like?
a) indeistinct, big, & forceless at the superficial level
b) vanishes quickly with increased pressure
c) "Like dandelion seeds floating in the air, without root"
d) chaotic rhythm
A tight pulse indicates?
a) In general, contraction, usu interior
b) Invasion by cold evil (if superficial, wind-cold; if deeper, cold interior pattern)
c) Pain pattern
Choppy pulse indicates?
a) generally, loss of yin fluids or ST obstruction
b) Damage to essence (loss of semen)
c) vacuity of blood (anemia, fibroids; leads to coag, pooling, stasis)
d) Qi stagnation (as above)
4 items, all re: to vacuity
Intermittent pulse indicates?
a) Insufficiency of yuan qi
b) Vacuity of qi & blood of internal organs
c) A dire pulse
3 items
Intermittent pulse feels like?
a) Slow, forceless
b) Pauses at REGULAR intervals
2 items: 1 is the category
Knotted pulse indicates?
a) qi stagnation
b) blood stasis
c) If forceful, cold phlegm due to exuberance of yin
d) If forceless, yang vacuity
4 items
Knotted pulse feels like?
Slow with pauses at IRREGULAR intervals
Hasty pulse indicates?
a) Full heat due to exhuberance of yang
b) Qi stagnation or blood stasis
Hasty pulse feels like?
Rapid with pauses at irregular intervals
Hidden pulse indicates?
a) INVERSION PATTERN(sudden loss of consciousness w cold limbs)
b) EXTREME PAIN (esp of long duration)
c) DEPRESSED EVIL(one that sits on the vessel; cold or heat w obstructed channels)
d) VIOLENT VOMITING/DIARRHEA causing yin exhaustion and yang desertion
4 items all specific
Hidden pulse feels like?
a) Deeper than deep
b) can't be felt except under considerable pressure near bone level in all 6 positions
2 items
Weak pulse indicates?
Vacuity of qi & blood
Weak pulse feels like?
Deep, fine, forceless
3 modifiers, 1 = category
Firm/confined pulse indicates?
a) Internal yin-cold repletion
b) Qi stagnation (hernia)
c) Blood stasis (abdominal masses)
3 items
Firm pulse feels like?
a) Deep, wiry, long, & forceful
b) Must use deep pressure to feel it
Hollow pulse indicates?
a) external excess + internal vacuity
b) acute/heavy bleeding, trauma, shock
2 items; 1 TCM, 1 bio
Hollow pulse feels like?
a) Floating & large under slight pressure
b) Empty in the middle with heavier pressure (like the stalk of a scallion)
c) More substantial at the edges than the center
d) Softer than a leather/drumskin pulse
4 items
Wiry pulse indicates?
a) Liver or gall bladder disorder
b) Pain pattern
c) Phlegm-rheum (damp accumulation)
d) Shao yang disease (1/2 & 1/2; malaria)
4 items: 1 is re: to organs, 2 are patterns, 1 is an ext path
Wiry pulse feels like?
a) Taut, straight, & long
b) Like the string of stringed musical instrument
c) Opposite of weak
3 items 1 metaphor 1 opposite
Thin/Fine/Thready pulse indicates?
a) Vacuity of qi, yin, or blood
b) Dampness (damp heat may obstruct vessels causing a deep pulse)
2 items
A Thin, fine or thready pulse feels like?’
a) Thin & forceless
b) Like a well-defined thread
c) Like a spider's web thread
d) Thinner than a soft pulse
4 items
Short pulse indicates?
a) If weak: qi vacuity (transportation is slow making blood flow uncertain)
b) If strong: qi stagnation (due to blockages caused by food accumulation that blocks qi)
Short pulse feels like?
Cannot be felt simultaneously at both the cun and chi positions.
Long pulse indicates?
a) Heat pattern
b) Hyperactivity of liver yang
c) Normal health if felt mainly at the middle level
3 items
Long pulse feels like?
Can be felt beyond the cun and chi positions
Slippery pulse indicates?
a) Phlegm-rheum (damp accumulation)
b) Food stagnation
c) Full heat
d) Pregnancy
4 items, 3 w "f" sound
A moderate pulse indicates?
a) health if not combined with other things
b) If weak, vacuity of ST/SP
c) If fine, dampness (b/c damp blocks qi and slows the pulse)
Slippery pulse feels like?
a) Smooth, flowing
b) "Like pearls rolling in a dish"
c) opposite of choppy
Empty pulse indicates what?
vacuity pattern, especially of qi & blood
One item with 2 characteristics
Empty pulse feels like?
a) Floating, large, slow (flacid, loose)
b) Becomes soft & weak with application of pressure
Think about Paul's rubber gloves
Full pulse indicates what?
a) REPLETION pattern
b) exuberant qi & blood; violent struggle between right & evil qi
c) Yang ming pattern
d) Qi-level pattern
4 items: 1 is re: to 4 aspect; 1 is re to 12 channel ID
Full pulse feels like?
a) Forceful at all 3 levels
b) Wiry, long & hard
Rapid pulse indicates what?
a) Yang heat pattern
b) Yuan qi desertion
c) Empty/Rapid is Empty/Heat from YIN deficiency
d) Full/Rapid is Full/Heat.
Rapid pulse feels like?
5-6 beats per respiration
More than 90 beats per minute
Slow pulse indicates what?
a) Internal cold or heat accumulation (forceful) c/b yang ming bowel

b) Vacuity cold (forceless)
Slow pulse feels like?
a) 3 or fewer beats per respiration
b) less than 60 beats per minute
Deep pulse means what?
a) An interior condition, in the YIN organs
b) Entrenched disease that will be hard to cure
c) Normal in fat people, people who are reserved, and in winter
Deep Pulse feels like?
Distinct only at the deep level
Floating or superficial pulse means what?
a) If forceful, an exterior pattern from invasion by exterior pathogen.
b) If forceless, a vacuity pattern.
Floating (or superficial pulse) feels like?
a) Strong under slight pressure @ superficial level
b) Loses strength when pressure is increased.
c) "Like a piece of wood floating on water"
3 items: 1 = metaphor; 2 re: to level