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What is the first step in an emergency?

Don't panic, check the scene.

What is the second step in an emergency?

Check for breathing.

What is the third step in an emergency?

Check for consciousness.

What is the fourth step in an emergency?

Check for server bleeding.

What is the fifth step in an emergency?

Check poisons?

What is the final step in an emergency?

Call 911

How many chest compressions and breaths complete a cycle?


How many cycles delivered in a minute?


What are the proper placement for compressions on an infant? Describe how this is done.

Find the nipple line. Place your first and second finger 1/2 in bellow. Press down 1/2-1 in.

You should give how many compressions in 18 seconds or less for an infant?


If no one is around to call 911 when do you leave the adult to do so?

After you check responsiveness

How do you check responsiveness from an infant?

Tickle there feet.

What is the proper way to check if the adult is breathing?

Place your ear next to their mouth. Look at the chest to see if it is moving. Use a hand to fell their chest to check for breaths and circulation.

What is the proper hand placement for an adult?

Find nipple line. Place palm of one hand in center of chest. Wrap other hand on top, keeping fingers off chest.

What is the proper hand placement to give an adult the Heimlich to an adult?

Stand behind person. Wrap arms around the waist. Make a fist with one have and position it above the person's navel.

Describe how to help an infant chocking.

Support infants face and keep body on your forearm. Keep infants head lower than their feet. Administer 5 back blows between shoulder blades with your palm.

Turn baby onto other forearm and give five chest thrusts. Continue cycle until object is dislodged or infant becomes unconscious.

What are all the steps in using an AED on an adult.

1. Turn on machine.

2. Bare the chest. Dry if wet. If their is to much hair, shave.

3 . Place pads on the victim. Place one pad above the right nipple. Place the left pad on patients lower left rib below armpit.

4. Make sure pad are pressed down firmly.

5. Follow AED prompts.

6. Stand clear while AED analyzes.

7. If AED advises shock wait for it to charge. When ready yell stand clear and press shock button.

8. If no shock advised give CPR.

9. Start CPR, start with 30 Compressions, then two breaths.

10. The AED will analyze every 2 minutes and will prompt for a shock if needed.

What is it called with heart is in a shock able rhythm.

Ventricular tachycardia

What is the difference between an infants heart and an adult heart.


Where do the patches for the AED go on a child?

One goes on the center of chest and the other goes on the center of the back.

If an adult male has to much hair on his chest what must you do first before attaching the pads for the AED?

Shave their chest.

Why is it important to make sure when we are administering CPR to have them lying on the floor?

To maintain adequate support.

What must we remember when giving breaths to an infant.

To cover their mouth and nose with your mouth.

What classifies a child from an adult in terms of giving the Heimlich.

Child is under 8, adults are 8 and older.

Where should our hand placement be if giving the Heimlich to a pregnant women?

Just below the chest. Perform chest thrust.

How far down should Compressions be on an infant?

1/2 in

What is so important to remember when doing compressions on anyone?

Push down far enough and then be sure chest is completely released. This allows the heart to fill with blood.

When a person goes from chocking to unresponsive what must you do after one cycle?

Open air way and check mouth for a foreign body. Sweep out with fingers.

When checking adult pulse where do you check?

Carotid pulse

What is the most important thing to remember about giving CPR?