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d/dx (sin x)
(cos x) x'
this one is easy come on think!!
S e*x dx
e*x + c
it is not much different than it appears to be
d/dx (cot x)
-(csc*2 x) x'
it is similar to tan x's derivative!
S (cos x) dx
sin x + c
it is different in negs and postitives than its derivative
S (csc x) dx
-Ln |csc x + cot x| + c
it has an Ln and 2 things inside!!
S (sin x) dx
-cos x + c
it is different from the derivative in positives and negatives!
d/dx (tan x)
(sec*2 x) x'
it is similar to cot x's answer only not csc
S (sec*2 x) dx
tan x + c
this one is easy think think!!!
S (tan x) dx
-Ln |cos x| + c
it is not sec x!!!
d/dx (sec x)
(sec xtan x)x'
there are 2 parts in this
S (sec x) dx
Ln |sec x + tan x| + c
there is an Ln in this one and it has two pieces inside
S (a*x) dx
(1/Ln a) a*x + c
there is 2 parts to this answer and there is an Ln
S (cot x) dx
Ln |sin x| + c
This is an Ln with 1 inside
S (csc*2 x) dx
- cot x + c
easy one again!!!
S (csc x cot x) dx
-csc x + c
think this is a single answer
d/dx (a*x)
(Ln a) (a*x)(x')
there are three parts to this answer and there is an Ln
d/dx (log_aX)
x'/(Ln a) X
there is an Ln in the answer
S (sec x tan x) dx
sec x + c
single answer
d/dx (Ln x)
easy one!!!
d/dx (e*x)
e*x (x')
not much different than already seen
d/dx (cos x)
-(sin x)x'
easy one
S du/u
Ln |u| + c
there is an Ln in this one
d/dx (csc x)
- (csc x cot x) x'
two parts