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Where is parathyroid gland located in reptiles
medial surface of mandibular rami
What cells secrete PTH
chief cells
What hormones are involved with calcium homeostasis
PTH, Vitamin D3, calcitonin
What are the 2 forms of calcium
protein bound
Which form stimulates PTH
decrease in ionized calcium
where is calcium reabsorbed from?
bones, kidneys, intestines
PTH effect on Kidneys
increased tubular reabsorption--> decreased calcium excreted in urine
PTH on Bones
PTH interacts with receptors on osteoblasts--> osteoblasts contract--> exposes underlying bone to osteoclasts-->increases osteoclast bone resorption--> increased calcium release
PTH on intestines
(indirect method) PTH promotes Ca2+ absorption from GI tract

- requires renal synthesis of vit D
How is calcium stored in body
99%- hydroxyapatite inorganic matrix of bone

0.99% plasma membrane & endoplasmic reticulum

0.1% extracellular fluid
2 main functions of calcium
1. maintain structural integrity of bone
2. messenger/regulatory ion