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🌟 Relative Formula Mass

Ar + Ar

Relative atomic mass

🌟 Percentage mass of an element in a compound

((Ar x number of atoms of element) / Mr of compound) x 100

((___ x number of ___ of ___) / ___ of ___) x 100


Relative formula mass in grams

___ ___ mass in ___

Avogadro constant

6.02 x 10²³

___.___ x 10^___

🌟 Number of moles

Mass (g) / Mr

___ (___) / ___

Conservation of mass

During a chemical reaction, no atoms are destroyed and no atoms are created

During a ___ ___, no ___ are ___ and no ___ are ___

Limiting reactant

Substance that limits the amount of product made during a chemical reaction, and is totally consumed when it is complete

___ that ___ the amount of ___ made during a chemical ___, and is totally ___ when it is ___


Amount of substance in a certain volume of a solution

Amount of ___ in a certain ___ of a ___

🌟 Concentration (g/dm³)

Mass of solute (g) / volume of solvent (dm³)

___ of ___ (___) / ___ of ___ (___)