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Villanovan Hut Urn, before 800 BCE, Villa Giulia Museum, Rome
Tomb of the Leopards, 6th C. BCE, Tarquinia, Italy
Banqueting Couple Sarcophagus, 6th C. BCE, Terracotta, Villa Giulia, Rome (Louvre, Paris)
Statue of Aula Metellus (The Orator), 1st C. BCE, Archaeological Museum, Florence
Unknown Republican Man, 1st C. BCE, Palazzo Torlonia, Rome
Temple of Fortuna Virilis, 1st C. BCE, Forum Boarium, Rome
Prima Porta Augustus (From Livia’s Villa) after 13 CE, Vatican Museums, Rome
Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) c. 13-9 BCE, Rome ( View of exterior and narrative relief with family of Augustus)
Villa of the Mysteries, 1st C. CE, Pompeii
House of the Vetii, before 79 CE, Pompeii
Arch of Titus, c. 80 CE, Forum Romanum, Rome (View of arch, spoils & triumph panel)
Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater), c. 80 CE, Rome
Tomb of the Haterii, Flavian Period, 1st C. CE, Vatican Museums, Rome
Hadrian, Pantheon, c. 135 CE, Rome
Column of Marcus Aurelius, c. 180 CE, Campus Martius, Rome
Baths of Caracalla (Antonine Baths), c. 217 CE, Esquiline Hill, Rome
Philip the Arab, c. 248, Marble, Vatican Museum, Rome
Four Tetrarchs, c. 300 CE, Porphyry, Basilica of San Marco, Venice
Christ as Helios, Tomb of the Julii, c. 300, Mosaic, Vatican Necropolis, Rome
Colossal Statue of Constantine, 315, Marble, Capitoline Museum, Rome
Church of Old St. Peter's, c. 325, Rome
Hagia Sophia (exterior), 532-37, Justinian, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey)
San Vitale (detail: apse; detail: Justinian), 528-547, Justinian, Ravenna, Italy
San Apollinaire in Classe, (mosaic: Transfiguration), 6th C., Ravenna, Italy
Christ Pantokrator, 6th C., encaustic on panel, St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt
Book of Kells, (Chi-Rho, Matthew), 7th C., manuscript Trinity Library, Dublin
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial (buckle, helmet), 7th C., British Museum, London
Oseberg Ship Burial (ship & wagon) 9th C., Oseberg, Norway
Jelling Stone, c. 960, King Harald Bluetooth, Jelling, Denmark
Palatine Chapel, 792-805, Aachen, Germany
Coronation Gospels, c. 800 Palace School, Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna
Doors of St. Michael’s, c. 1020, Bishop Bernward, bronze, Hildesheim, Germany
Gospel Book of Otto III, c. 1000, Staatsbibliothek, Munich
Toulouse, 1060-1119, France (nave, elevation & plan)
St. Foy, Conques, 1050-1120, France (west portal, Maiestas Domini, Judgment Scene
Cluny III 1088-1450, France (nave, elevation & plan)
Durham Cathedral, 1093-1133, England (Interior & cross-section)
St. Denis, 1140-1144, France (chevet, stained glass, Abbot Suger)
Notre Dame, 1163-1250, Paris, France (façade, nave, elevation & plan)
Chartres Cathedral, After fire of 1194 - 1220, France (nave, elevation, plan, vaulting & buttressing system, west portal - 1140)
St. Etienne, 1195 - c. 1250, Bourges, France (nave, elevation plan, vaulting & buttressing system)
Amiens, Master Robert, 1225-1288, France (nave, elevation & plan)
Reims Cathedral, begun 1211, France (nave, elevation & plan, Coronation of the Virgin, Annunciation & Visitation)
Wells Cathedral, c. 1285, Decorated Style, Architecture, England (Views of nave, chapterhouse and strainer arches 1338.)
Chapel of Henry VII, Westminster Abbey, 1503-1512, Perpendicular Style, London, England (Views of chapel, fan-vaulting and pendants)
Count Ekkehard and Uta, Naumberg Cathedral, c. 1230s, German Gothic, Sculpture, Germany
Vesperbild (Pietás), 14th C., German Gothic, Sculpture
Siena Cathedral, 1226-1380, Italian Gothic, Architecture, Italy (Plan and view of exterior façade and interior)
Giotto, Arena Chapel, 1305-6, fresco, Padua