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Concrete Word
Something that can be seen, felt, weighed, or measured.
Abstract Word
a word that stands for an idea or quality.
tests that can be applied to the term being defined.
a word made up of the first letters of each word in a phrase. Example: SWAT--Special Weapons And Tactics
Technical jargon
specialized language of a particular occupation
words that have the same or nearly the same meaning
Three-Part Sentence Definition
definition of a technical term made up of the Term, Group, and Details.
The word that is being defined
familiar classification in which a term belongs
information about the term that show how it is different from other members of the same group
General Group
provides no information about the term being defined; does not provide enough information about the term to be helpful. Examples: things, items, devices, animals, parts, etc
Specific Group
gives enough information about the term being defined to be helpful. The more specific, the more helpful it will be.
Circular Definition
a definition that confuses the audience by repeating, rather than explaining, the term.
Expanded Definition
gives all of the information that the audience wants or needs about the term. The subject, audience, and purpose determine the form of communication, amount of information, type of information, word choice, number of illustrations, etc.
the answers to the questions you predict an audience will ask about the term within a given situation.
tells the audience what kind of information to expect.
Introduction (for Expanded Definition)
includes an accurate, three-part sentence definition
Body (of Expanded Definition)
the main part of the expanded definition. It includes data that answers the questions you predict the audience will ask about the term.
help the reader by alerting him or her to the main topics.
a visual symbol designed to represent a company or organization.