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A bundle of physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to enhance buyers want satisfaction
Items the consumer seeks to purchase frequently, immediatly, and with little effort
Convience products
Those typically purchased only after the buyer has compared competing products in competing stores
Shopping products
Those that a purchaser is willing to make a special effort to obtain
Speciality product
Grou p of related products marked by physical similarities or intended for a similar market
Prodct line
Assortment of product lines and individual goods and services that a firm offers to consumers and business users
Product Mix
Four basic stages: Introduction, growth, maturity, and decline through which a product progresses through
Product life cycle
Name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or some combination there of used to identify a firms offerings from those of competitors
Brand that has been given legal protection, granted soley to the brands owner, including not just the name but logo as well, slogan, packaging, and product features
Brand offered and promioted by a manaufacture, but not all barands names belong to the manufacture soem are the property of retailers or distributors
Manufaturer or National Brand
Identifies a product that is not linked to the manufacture but instead carries a wholesalers or retailers label
Provate or Store brand
Single brand name used for several related products
Family Brand
Strategy by giving each product within a line a different name
Individual branding
The added value that a widely respected and highly succesful name gives to a product in the marketplace
Brand Equity
Oversees a l;ine of related products and assumes profit responsibilty for his/her product group
Category manager
Deals with the marketig activites and institutions involved in getting the right good or service to the firms customers.
Distribution Starategy
Path thorough which products and legal ownership of them-flow from producer to consumers or business users.
Distribtuion cannels
Acuatl movement of products from producer to consumer or business users, a broad range of activities including customer service, transportation, wharehousing, etc.
Physical distribution
Carries goods directly from producer to consumer or business user, or distribution channles involve several different marketing intermediatries
Direct Distribution Channel
Distribution channel member that sells primarily to retailers, other wholesalers, or business users
Channel memebers that sell goods and services to individuals for thier own use rather than fro resale
Process in which new retailers enter the market by offering lower prices made possible through reductions in service
Wheel of retailing
Involves placing a firms products in nearly every available outlet, generally suits low priced conveince goods like gum, soft drinks, newspapers, etc.
Intensive Distribution
Market coverage startegy in which a manufacture selects only a limited number of retailers to distribute its product lines
Selective Distribution
Limits market coverage to single retailer or wholesaler in a specific geographical region, generally suits expensive products
Exclusive distribution
Complete sequence of suppliers that contribute to creating and delivering a good or service to business users and final customers
Supply chain
Activites involved in controlling the folow of goods, services, and information amoung memebers of the supple chain
Producer and retailer agree that the producer will determine how much of a product a buyer needs and automatically ship new supplies when needed
Vendor Managed Inventory