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Legal relationship based on a contract that calls for one individual to be paid for working under another's direction and control
The party who pays someone in order to direct and control that person's activities
The party who is paid by the employer to serve under the employer's direction and control
Independent Contractor
One who contracts to do something for another but is free of the latter's direction and control
Employment At Will
Employment relationship whereby employee may be discharged at any time because no agreement was made about length of employment; alternately, employee may quit the job at any time without liability for breach of contract
Wrongful discharge
firing an employment in retaliation for reporting violations of law by company
Discharged without cause
Employee's discharge is not due to his or her conduct
Unemployment Compensation
Is money paid by the government or a private insurance fund to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own
Discharged for cause
employee is discharged due to the violation of an employment obligation
Payroll deductions
The employer deducts money from the employee's paycheck
Workers' compensation
Payment employer makes to an insurance fund that compensates employees for injured employees
Duty of obedience
The employee has a duty to obey the reasonable orders and rules of the employer
Duty of reasonable skill
Requires that those who accept work possess the skill, experience, or knowledge necessary to do it
Duties of loyalty and honesty
Requires employee to look out for the best interests of the employer
Duty of reasonable perfomance
Requires employee to perform assigned duties at the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner