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Greetings everyone, I'm Mijah McNeill. And as the owner of Lady Bugs daycare, I'd like to thank you all, the employers for attending this meeting.

I'm proud to say that all of you have shown good work ethics, timely management, patience, and positive energy towards the company. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

I began this business in 2013, with the hopes of providing quality care and services that parents can appreciate. I have a passion for children, and was well aware of the financial risk involved.

With this being said it's no secret that the enrollment numbers here at Lady Bugs has decreased within the past four months.

Affecting commission for your salaries and rent for the facility. So I asked myself what can we do? How can we increase the enrollment?

My first idea was to host a jamboree for the community. In order to increase enrollment we must become active within the community.

What will the event entail? Families within the community will be invited to enjoy a carefree day of music, arts and crafts, physical activities and food.

Arts and crafts will be held inside of the building where parents can get a better feel of our facility, meet some of the staff, and see what our center is all about.

Outside there will be physical activities and games for everyone to get involved, clean family friendly music, a bouncy house, and a variety of food.

How will we pay for this? When advertising for the event we'll ask for generous donations for anyone who is willing.

I'll be putting in half of the cost, and would be greatly appreciated if you all contribute the other half.

I'm aware that the event may be costly, but in a business in order to make money you have to spend money.

The event will make the business more recognized within the community. Parents and children get to experience a day of enjoyment and a positive atmosphere.


My second solution would be to make a Facebook page for the community.

A Facebook page is a free alternative for paying and making an actual webpage. In today's generation almost everything is internet based.

Technology has made it easier for businesses, families, and friends to connect.

We'll first create the page, introduce the company and connect with our intended audience, which are families with children who ranging from newborn to the age of ten.

In order to become fully active and get thebusiness noticed each of us can control the Facebook page sharing our ownpersonal experiences and photos with the children.

In order for the page to thrive we'll have to become very responsive. Answering questions for parents and showing them that we care about their needs.

We must also be consistent, meaning regularly updating and checking on post. We would create a a schedule to determine who controls the page on different times and days.


The last option to increase enrollment would be to incorporate incentives for new and existing clients, and a pick up/ drop up for the children.

Incentives such as getting their fourth month of service free of charge. This may draw in new parents, and ensure that existing clients stay satisfied.

We can also expand our services by picking up and dropping off children who have busy parents.

By doing this it takes a burden off ofparent’s shoulders, having to work around their work schedules for theirchildren.
It is also an easier way for parents and staff to feel better connected, and at ease for the safety of their children

I've gone of three considered solutions, and I believe that creating a Facebook page and hosting a jamboree will be most effective.

By creating the Facebook page, we have a way other than flyers and posters to inform the community of the event.

Once parents are aware of the event, they willbe able to share it with their friends and families who also have children andstay in our area

Once the event is over, parents and those who attended may leave their comments, view photos from the event, and share how they thought it went.

This company started two years ago, and withinthose two years this staff has grown into a family, and we now encourage eachother to create a positive atmosphere and strengthen the business together.

I appreciate your service and your time. Are there any questions?