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what does NSOR stand for?

Nutritional standards for operational and restricted rations

total calories from fat should not exceed?

35 percent of calories

the MRE may be consumed as the sole ration for how many days?

21 days

when the MRE is the sole ration, units will provide supplements and enhancements such as?



-fresh fruit

does NSOR apply to restricted rations?


what does MDRI stand for?

military dietary reference intakes

what is the beverage of choice when preventing dehydration?

cool water (plain or flavored)

what is recommended amount of beverage troops should consume per day when working in warm weather?

4 to 6 quarts

in support of military weight control programs, each military dining facility will offer reduced calorie menus of?

1,500 to 1,600 calories a day

what is a restricted ration?

a lightweight, operational ration requiring no food preparation other than hydration

what is an operational ration?

a nutritionally adequate ration composed of semi-perishable and/or shelf-stable pre-prepared food items for use under actual or simulated combat conditions

what is a survival ration?

a high-carbohydrate, low-protein ration, designed to minimize the effects of acute starvation