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Degree to which fire can spread over the surface of the material is technically referred to as the?

Surface burning characteristics of the material

Materials with class A rating 0 - 25 are required in_______ _______ of most occupancy.

Vertical exits

Total amount of heat produced or released to the atmosphere from the convective lift fire phrase of a fire per unit mass of fuel consumed for unit time.

Heat release rate

The first efforts at evaluating and controlling the combustibility of interior finish materials after several disastrous Hotel fires in the_______


Numerical rating assigned to a material based on the spreed and the extent to which flame travels over its surface.

Flame spread rating

Unofficial name for the test used to determine the flame spread of ratings of various materials.

Steiner tunnel test

ASTM E84, UL753, NFPA 255

Tunnel test ( Steiner)

Ability of a substance to do harm within the body.


Ability of a substance to Vaporize easily at relatively low temperature.


Any substance, except plain water, that is applied to another material or substance to reduce the flammability of fuels or slow the rate of combustion by chemical or physical action.

Fire retardant

Name some fire retardant coatings

The NFPA standard For evaluating room fire growth contribution of textile coverings

NFPA 265

NFPA standard for fire test for evaluating contribution of wall and ceiling interior finishes to room fire growth

NFPA 286

The subdivision of a building or the four levels of a building by rated walls or petitions is generally referred to as_______


Fire rated wall with a specific degree of fire resistance, built of fire resistant materials and usually extending from the foundation up to and through the roof of a building.


Fire barrier that extends from one floor to the bottom of the floor above or to the underside of a fire rated ceiling assembly.

Fire partition

Enclosure walls are required to have a fire resistance rating of_______ to_______ hours depending on the height of the building.

1 - 2

stairwells in buildings taller than three stories are required to have a_______ hour enclosure.


Glass or thermoplastic panel in a window that allows light to pass.


Non bearing exterior wall attached to the outside of the building with a rigid steel frame. Usually the front wall of the building intended to provide a certain appearance.

Curtain wall

Solid materials, such as wood blocks, used to prevent or limit the vertical and horizontal spread of fire and the products of combustion and Hollow walls or floors, above all ceilings, and penetrations for plumbing or electrical installations, in cockloft and crawl spaces.


A specifically constructed, tested, and approved fire rated door assembly designed and installed to prevent fire spread by automatically closing and covering a doorway in a firewall during a fire to block the spread of fire through the door opening.

Fire door

What is the NFPA standard method of fire tests of door assemblies, also designated ASTM E-152?

NFPA 252

Standard for fire doors and fire windows.


Fire door closers are used in what type of doors?

Sliding or swinging fire doors

On what type of door can door holders be used on?

Swinging, sliding, or rolling fire doors

What type of door are door operators intended for that are mounted on either a level or inclined track?

Sliding fire doors