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What type of geographical structure is Central America?
What size is Central America compared to Mexico?
What countries does CA include?
Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Belice
What is the name of the mountain range in CA and where does it stretch?
La Sierra Madre, everywhere but Panama
Does CA have volcanos? What do they contribute?
Yes about 20 active ones which cause a lot of damage

They make the land fertile
What are the two selvas tropicales in CA? Where are they located?
La Mosquita--nordeste de Honduras
El Darien--orital de Panama
What is the name of the indigenas group in CA? Where do they live?
Los Chocos live in el Darien
What type of climate is in CA? What is the weather like?
Tropical, hot and humid
What is the weather like in the mountains of CA?
Spring is eternal and the summer nights are cold
What are the two seasons in CA?
La estacion seca--verano november to april

La estacion lluviosa--invierno may to oct
Decribe the Carribean Coast of CA
Describe the Pacifico Coast of CA
volcanic beaches
When did the Mayans disappear?
Before the Spanish arrived
What territory did the Mayans have?
Mexico, Guatemala, Belice, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador
Where did the Mayans ancestors come from?
Asia across the Bering strait
What is the most important time of the Mayans reign? dates?
El Veijo Imperio from 4th to 9th century
Did the Mayans have a calendar? Describe?
Yes, it was more perfect than the Christians and more exact than ours
What was the mayans form of writing
What were the estelas mayas
Large, tall pieces of stone engraved with writings detailing everything that occured during a kings reign
What was the mayans arquitecture like
they constructed palaces and temples
What did they have which the inscribed with hyroglifics
cuchillos, vesijas, y piezas de ceramica
What was the holy book of the quiches? What did it describe?
el Popol Vuh, the origins of humankind
What caused the collapse of the Mayans?
Expansion and wars
What influence do the Mayans have on CA today?
Languages spoken trace back to Mayan
What Mayan language is most extensive?
el quiche
What is the current capital of Guatemala? Ancient?
Current--Guatemala City
Why is Guatemala City modern?
In 1917 there was an earthquake which caused them to rebuild
Why did the capital change from Antigua to Guatemala?
There was an earthquake in 1773 which destroyed Antigua
What is Antigua like today?
Ruins of magnificent churches, convents and colonial buildings
What makes Guatemala pretty?
Callejuelas de adoquines and mansion of many colonial colors
Which city has the biggest population in CA?
What is the current capital of Honduras? Ancient?
Why did the capital change from Coamyagua to Telguilcigalpa?
Civil War destroyed city
Where does the majority of the Honduran population live?
Describe Telguilcigalpa?
narrow streets and colorful houses
What indiginas words does Telgulicgalpa come from?
What is the capital of Nicaragua? Ancient?
ancient--leon y granada
Where does the name Managua come from? What does it mean? Why does it fit?
Nahuatl--where there is an expansion of water

There are many lakes in mangua
What is the feeling of the Mangua like?
Many open spaces
what are the ancient capitals of Nicaragua known for? What is each's political affiliation
their beauty

leon is liberal and granada is conservative
How did Mangua become the capital
It was equal distant between the two politically rival ancient capitals
What is the capital of Costa Rica? Ancient?
current--san jose
Where does the majority of Costa Ricans live?
San Jose
What is the strucutre of San Jose?
Tall sky scrapers and small houses
Why did San Jose become the capial?
It was the politcal leadership of the country when Cartago was the economic
What is Tikal? Where is it?
A group of solid pyramids in north Guatemala in el Petan, una selva
What is the grand pyramid in Tikal like?
the most ancient, used for astronomy, and ceremonies,
What is in the grand plaza in Tikal like?
it has the temple of Gran Jaguar which has the tomb of Ah Cacao
Where is Copan?
What is the grand plaza in Copan like? What is its significance?
It has estelas with uman figures and altars with animal carvings

It was believed to be the door to the underworld
What is la cancha de Peolota?
players try to score a large ball without using hands arms or feet. similar to soccer and football
Where are las islas de San Blas? Who lives there?
In Panama, los Kunas
What are los Kunas houses like?
bohios or straw huts
What is the base of Kunas' economy?
marine products and fish and agriculture
What do the Kuna women where?
molas, which are made of distinct colors and geometrical patterns theyre pieces of art
What is the basic CA food like
corn tortillas, beans and rice, hot salsas
What is the special food in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, and El Salvador, Panama
los chiles rellenos
enchiladas o tamales
gallopinto--rice and beans w/ eggs
fish and seafood, ceviche, la mariscada--seafood soup
sancocho--chicken, lettuce, corn, potatos
What are the nicaraguan people called? Costa Ricans?
Nicas y Ticos
What are the different names for tapas in CA? popular tapas?
Nicaragua--bocas, huevos de tortuga
Costa Rica--bocas
Guatemala--boquitas, pan con ajo