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In a typical American newspaper, the largest amount of space is given to:
The concept "newspaper of record" was createdd by Adolph Ochs who used it to describe the...?
New Yorkn Times
The first medium to use digital communication was the..?
From which medium did many immigrants learn US customs and culture?
motion pictures--(silent movies)
The november, february, and may "sweeps" involve...?
television (this is where all programs are good and new and there aren't re- runs)
Which magazine has the largest circulation out of Playboy, sports illustrated, Time, and modern maturity?
Modern maturity
The speedy mobilization of individuals with common interests reflects which media function?
What are the primary activities for mass media industries?
The principle purpose of mass communication is to do what?
to make money
The principle purpose of Interpersonal communication is what?
to inform or persuade
What does "media" mean?
the means of transmitting messages in the larger mass communication procss
Books are an example of what type of medium?
print medium
What is the mathmatical theory of communications? (5)
source,transmitter,channel (noise),reciever,destination
Whatn is noise?
It is a constant impediment to communication
Feedback can reduce the effects of this
This semantic, mchanical, or envioment..
What is the traditional disintermediation
traditional mass communication follows a push model. Sender pushs info. to the reciever (newspaper,TV,etc)
What is non-traditionaldisintermediation
non-traditional mass communicaion follows a "pull" mode;. reciever uses internet to pull info.from various sources
What was the purpose of folk culture
to transmit traditions
Polish weddings, African American, soulfood, italian cusine, etc, are examples of what ....?
folk culture
This culture is of limited interest to mass media audiences and forms a relatively small proportion of mass content
folk culture
How was folk culture evolved and conveyed?
evolved b/c pre-literate humans wanted communicate about their accomplishments
was conveyed thru songs, dances,costumes,etc
this culture requires that performers need talent, discipline, years of study and perserverance
elite culture
Elite culture emerged with what class?
ruling class
This was an attempt to seperate commoners from aritocracy
elite culture
This culture requires education and background to appreciate the work
elite culture
Popular culture was tied to what..?
cities and intermingling of ethnic groups and social classes
The development of mass media,print,radio,film,etc...are tied to which culture
popular culture
This culture requires no trining or backgroud
popular culture
it is said that this culture gets "dated" quickly
popular culture (things change)
This culture is a reflector and interpretor of the mass society
popular culture
What is functional analysis?
empahsizes the way that audience use mass communication and the benfits people recieve from media consumption
Macroanalysis uses what type of lens and what is its function
-the wide angle lens
-it considers the functions performed by the mass mediafor the entire society
What type of lens is microanlysis and what is its function
-the close up lens
-focuses on individual members of the audience (How do individuals
What are the 5 funtions under the macro-level
What are the 4 functions under the microlevel
Cognition, diversion,social utility, withdrawal
What are examples of surveillance
newspapers,tv newscasts, all-news radio,time,newsweek,cnn
What are examples correlation
editorials,political cartoons,commentaries ("fair and balanced")
What are exmaples of socialization
movies,tv,books,entertainment weekly
What are the functions of mass media
-status conferral
-enforcement of social norms
-narcotizing dysfunction
What is enforcement of social norms
publicity closes the gap between private attitudes and public morality
What is status conferral
if u are important u will be the focus
What is narcotizing dysfunction
exposure to mass amounts of info. may serve to narcotize rather than energize the average reader
Whatis paradigm?
a model, the way of structuring something
How do individuals use the media--the uses and gratifications paradigm
cognition(curiosity),diversion(relaxation),social utility(conversational currency),withdrawal(isolation)
This was the first attempt to duplicate sound
phonetic language
What was the first formal language
egyptian heiroglyphics
Who invented the printing and what year
What was said to conquer space and time
telegragh and telephone
This lead to the telegragh and telephone and lasted a year
pony express
Who was the first to send a message from the telegragh and in what year
samuel morse--1866
What year did Bell demonstrate the telephone
This enhanced the ability to transmit news
Who was the first man to take pictures of a battle on the battle feild?
Matthew Brady
In what year did movies learn to talk?
Who came up with kodak
george eastman --kodak(made up of constanants and vowels)
What year was TV invented
About how many homes have one or more TVs
"Atoms into bits" was derived from what term
Digital technology transforms
Tremenous expansion of the internet occured during what?
digital technolgy transforms
What is considered the "people's encyclopedia"
What is the job of a newspaper
to "afflict the comfotable and comfort the afflicted"
What was the Zenger case
He critizied the royal governor and was found not guilty b/c what he said was true (1733)
In what year did the stamp act come into effect?
What is Benjamin Day?
where poor boys were hired to sell newspaper
Who was James Gordon Bennet
he did the same thing as Ben, but hired reporters to lookk for info.
Yellow journalsim was derive from what
yellow kid
What type of newspaper was the harvard lampoon
comic newspaper
What is a media vehicle
single components such as newspapers, radio stations, TV networks, or magazine
Who is Glady's Gently and what is her theory
communication researcher that claims that power to the people could mean that nobody is in control
What is social utility
the social integrative need to affiliate with others (friends, family,etc)
What is conversational curreny
where the media provides a common ground for social conversation (discussion of TV shows)
What is parasocial relationship
the point where the viewers might go so far as to develop feelings of kinship and friendship with media characters
What are the key concepts of critical approach
text, meaning, hegemony (power relationsips & dominance) and ideology
Why did many people fear William Randolf
you might be put on the front page of newspaper
The quote "all the news to print"that is still used today was derived by who and for what?
Adolph Ochs--New York Times
Why did the newspaper start to decline in the 1930s
b/c of the emergence of newspaper
What was the defining event of the 20th century
What was the postive thing about weeklies
the fastest growing category
What percentage is dependent on advertising for the revenue
Who are the largest advertisers
department stores
The word magazine was derived from what ?
the french word for "storehouse"
What was the benefit of the postal act of 1879
established 2nd class mail @ cheaper rate
Which magazine was created by the combining of all other magazines
reader's digest
Which magazine was created for the college student and which magazine was created for truck drivers
College students--playboy
truck drivers--hustler
The "Helen Gurley Brown and Cosmopolitan" mag. was targeted for who
women that want to look sexy
What was the first medium
What does "BOOK" stand for
Built -in
What was wrong with pirated books
didn't pay attention to copyright
What were pocket books and which one was most popular
had kangaroo on cover--most popular one was "Baby & Child care"
What is the most permanent
Who are the 3 pioneers in radoio
Macroni(found way to send radiated signal across Atlantic), Fessenden,deForest
Which station doesn't exist today
What does ASCAP and BMI stand for
Society of

Broadcasting Music Incorporated
Where were the first TV sets located
What year did video tapes appear and how long did it take for homes to have colored tv
1956-- 20 yrs
Newton Minows term "Vast wasteland" was used describe what..
claimed that the quiz shows and others were bad and (vast wasteland)
What does CATV stand for
Community Antenna television
Which time of day has the most listeners (morning evening)
What type of music has the most stations but smaller audience
What was the role of sydicators
to buy programs
Where does money for radio come from
78% comes from local advertising
Who dictates what music will be played
program director
What are the benefits of a digital radio and what does IBOC stand for
AM is as good as FM and FM is as good as a CD--In Band On Channel System