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What is the definition of Authority?
Authority is the Governments legal power to act.
Where does the Coast Guard's Authority come from?
14 USC 89 (a).
Who has authority under 14 USC 89 (a)?
Commisioned/Warrant/Petty Officers.
What does 14 USC 89 (a) give the authority to do?
To board any vessel subject to U.S Jurisdiction and: SEASII
Search, Examine, Arrest, make Seizures, conduct Inspections, make Inquiries.
Draw the Diagram for where the Coast Guard has authority.
Chapter 2, PG.29, Figure 2-1
Discuss the difference between the Use Of Force guidance under 14 USC 89 (a) and the Commandants UOF Policy.
14 USC 89 (a) UOF - "use all necessary force to compel compliance."
Commandants UOF- "Only that force under the circumstances may be used."
What does the laws 14 USC 143 and 19 USC 1401 establish with the Coast Guard?
These laws establish Commisioned/Warrant/Petty Officers as Customs Officers.
Discuss more on Authority with customs laws 19 USC 1581 (a).
Authority to board vessels and vehicles, examine manifests and other documents and papers. examine, inspect, and search the vessel or vehicle, including every part, any person, trunk, package, or cargo on board.
Discuss more on Authority with customs laws 19 USC 1589(a)
Authority to carry a firearm. Execute and serve any order, warrant, subpoena, and summons. Arrest without a warrant. Conduct border searches.
Discuss assistance authority under 14USC141.
Federal, State, and local agencies can request Coast Guard LE assistance when CG personnel are especially qualified to perform a particular activity.
What is Jurisdiction?
The Governments power to exercise authority over its persons, vessels and territory.
What three elements comprise Jurisdiction?
Substantive Law, Vessel Status/flag, location.
Is the Jurisdiction Triangle CG Policy?
NO!!!!!!! It's a tool for a boarding for a Boarding Officer to use to establish jurisdiction.
What is the definition of a vessel?
Any and every description of a watercraft, including: non displacement craft, WIG craft and sea planes.
What are the 4 types of vessels?
Commericial, recreational, government Owned/NON commericial, warships.
What are the four vessel classifications?
US vsl/foreign/vessel without nationality/ vessel assimilated to vessel without nationality.
What is the Exclusive Flag State Jurisdiction Policy?
A vessel can exercise "freedom of navigation" in international waters are subject only to the jurisdiction of the flag state of that vessel.