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What is the general function of the limbic system?
Anatomical substrate for drive-related and emotional behavior.
Give three examples of drive-related behavior associated with the limbic system.
eat, drink, reproduce
What are the five functional components of the limbic system?
Cingulated gyrus


Parahippocampal gyrus


Septal nuclei
What is the purpose of the cingulated gyrus?
Brings together motivation with physical action. It activates the limbic system.
What is the purpose of the hippocampus?
Involved in the formulation of long-term memory
What is the purpose of the parahippocampal gyrus?
Plays a part in memory and navigation.
What is the purpose of the amygdala?

It's considered a substrate for what?
Involved in fear and anger - both generation and recognition in others.

What is the purpose for the septal nuclei?
One area associated with pleasure.
What sort of abnormalities are associated with injury to the amygdala?
Loss of fear. "Emotional blunting - the creature may act rather placid.
What sort of abnormaliteis are associated with injury to the hippocampus?
Loss of declarative memory for new events.

Draw out the papez circuit
See the drawing.
What does the septum feed?
hypothalamus and frontal association cortex.
What is damaged in the kluver-bucy syndrome?

What is a two word discription of the result of this damage?
Amygdala, anterior hippocampus, portions of temporal lobe.

Behavior disorder
List the six signs and symptoms of a rhesus monkey showing the Kluver-Bucy syndrome.
1) Loss of fear
2) Placidity
3) Visual agnosia (can't recognize familiar objects)
4) Tendency to examine all objects orally
5) Hypersexuality (indiscriminate)
6) Loss of emotional valence (loss of value)
What is damaged in Korsakoff's Psychosis? What causes it?
Mammillary bodies.

What is the result of Korsakoff's Psychosis?
1) Anterograde amnesia
2) May show disorientation and confusion
3) Confabulation
The limbic system is the ____ between ____ and ____.

Give the basic flow between the named elements.

Neocortex and hypothalamus/ANS

Neocortex <--> Limbic System <--> Hypothalamus
Name the four limbic system efferents plus one interlimbic connection of the amygdala to ___?
hippocampus -> hypothalamus
amygdala-> hypothalamus
amygdala -> Septum (Basal fore brain)
Basal Forebrain (septum) -> Prefrontal Cx
Basal Forebrain (septum) -> hypothalamus
What are the four neocortex inputs to the limbic system?
Frontal Association Cx -> Cingulate Gyrus

Parieto-occipital Cx -> Cingulate Gyrus

Temporal Association -> Amygdala

Temporal Association -> hippocampus
What is one major function of the temporal association cortex?
Recognition of people and objects.