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What is this puppy?
Which of the following are NOT good differentials for this lesion?
a) cowpox
b) Orf
c) Staph intertrigo
d) FMD
e) Herpes mammilitis
b) Orf (is in sheep)
c) Staph intertrigo (should be IMPETIGO)
Also add pseudocowpox, papillomatosis, trauma, photosensitivity, other vesicular diseases
Disease name?
Histologic diagnostic?
Benign neglect (prevent secondary infxn)
Intracytoplasmic inclusions
What is this called in the cow? In the sheep?
Cow (Papular Stomatitis)
Sheep (Contagious Ecthyma)
Which of the following are NOT true regarding this disease?
a) intracytoplasmic inclusions
b) immunity after infection
c) caused by BHV1
d) should be milked last
e) relatively recent in the US (last 50 yrs)
a) intracytoplasmic inclusions (NO; intraNUCLEAR)
c) caused by BHV1 (NO; BHV2)
What are these and what might cause them in a horse?
Vesicles! Pemphigus, Burns, SLE, Systemic Granulomatous Dz,
What could cause this in a horse?
Diffuse exfoliative dermatitis
Pemphigus Foliaceus
Systemic Granulomatous Dz
Equine Sarcoidosis
Bullous Pemphigoid
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis
Which of the following are not true regarding equine pemphigus foliaceus?
a) a type II hypersensitivity
b) only affects certain regions
c) pustules are subdermal
d) corticosteroid treatent
e) immunoflorescence diagnosis
b) only affects certain regions (NO; LOTS of the body affected but often face, legs, & entire body)
c) pustules are subdermal (NO; sub-corneal)
What is another name for systemic granulomatous disease in horses?
Equine sarcoidosis
Which of the following are not true of equine sarcoidosis?
a) associated with fescue
b) will see acantholytic lesions on histopath
c) signs of systemic involvement include fibrinogenemia and hypoalbuminemia
d) treat via immunosuppression
a) associated with fescue (NO; VETCH)
b) will see acantholytic lesions on histopath (NO; Granulomatous lesions)
What happens when a vesicle gets worse?
T or F:
An ulcer is a break in the epidermis down to, but not breaching, the basement membrane.
It penetrates the basement membrane!
What's going on in this horse? How is it treated?
Pemphigus foliaceus.
Tx - immunosuppression
What gives here?
A - Decubital ulcer
B - Saddle Sore
C - Ulcerative Dermatitis (venereal dz - lip/leg ulcers)
What is the difference between moist and dry gangrene?
Moist is impaired lymph or venous drainage + necrosis while dry is loss of vascular supply + necrosis.
How are burns treated topically?
Cold water 20-30 min
Clean & debride
Topical analgesics
Topical Abx
Skin graft
How are burns treated systemically?
Fluid replacement
Systemic abx
What gives a poor prognosis for burns?
Involvement of joint, eye, coronary band, teats (cattle)
Large areas of 3rd to 4th degree burns
How is frostbite treated?
thaw w/warm water
protect w/ointment
Maybe debridement if you can see boundary
What is going on here? What is the treatment?
Tx - Keep out of sun, eliminate phototoxic agents, treat liver
What are the 3 major mechanisms of photosensitization?
Primary agent
Aberrent pigment (inhereted defect)
What are the 2 main primary agents causing photosensitization?
St. John's Wort
What is the photodynamic agent that causes photosensitization secondary to liver damage?
Which fly genera cause myiasis?
How can fly strike be treated? Prevented?
Tx (remove wool/hair, give insecticide, treat necrosis)
Prevent (tail dock, fly repellents, treat open wounds)
How can this be prevented?
Tail tip necrosis; give cattle more space or proper size (1.5-2 in) slats
Loss of the tail switch in a cow may be due to which two etiologies?
Trauma (tail tip necrosis)
Sarcocystosis (localized vasculitis)
What are 2 causes of gangrene of the extremities? Which happens in the cold weather?
Ergot (Claviceps) poisoning
Fescue foot (ergovaline in fescue) - WINTER
What are the lesions associated with a skin rash?
Erythema to exudation
Crusts of dried serum
Hyperkeratosis to skin folds
Pigment changes
What are some differentials for a pruritic large animal?
Skin rash
Name the type of mite that...
...is superficial
...causes nodules in large animals
...found in sheep wool
...most common mite in large animals
Chorioptes...is superficial
Demodex...causes nodules in large animals
Psoroptes...found in sheep wool
Chorioptes...most common mite in large animals
Which of these...
...causes intense pruritus
...is reportable
...is most common in pigs
...found on goat ears
...is zoonotic
...most common mite in LAs
A, Sarcoptes...causes intense pruritus
A, Sarcoptes & B, Psoroptes...is reportable
A...is most common in pigs
B...found on goat ears
A...is zoonotic
D, Chorioptes...most common mite in LAs
What are two old-timey terms for sarcoptic scabies?
Red mange
Barn itch
Where are sarcoptic scabies lesions found in the...
Horse (head & neck)
Cow (head, neck, sacrum)
Pig (all over)
Sheep (non-wooled areas)
Where are psoroptic scabies lesions found in the...
Horse (mane, base of tail)
Cattle (shoulder & tail)
Sheep (under wool)
Goats (in ears)
What are common locations for chorioptic scabies in the...
Horse (leg - hind feet/legs)
Cow (tail - perineum and rump)
Sheep (leg)
Goat (leg)
How do you kill mites?
Lime sulfur
What causes trombiculidiasis?
What causes rhabditic dermatitis?
Poor hygiene, young animals, susceptible to Pelodera strongyloides
Which nematode is transmitted by the horn fly? Where will lesions be in cattle?
Stephanofilaria stilesi (ventral surface)
What are the 2 types of contact dermatitis?
Primary irritant
Allergic content (type IV hypersensitivity)
Which lesions are seen initially in contact dermatitis? What happens next?
Papules & Erythema
Progress to erosions, scales, crusts, thickening
How can contact dermatitis be diagnosed?
Provocative response
Look for something in areas of contact
How can contact dermatitis be treated?
Avoid exposure
Clean & ointment of area
What do these two have in common?
Zn responsive dermatitis!
(in llama's unhaired areas; parakeratosis in pig)
What gives here?
Scratches, Grease Heel, Grape, Mud fever (all names for chronic idiopathic pastern dermatitis)
What is going on here? How is it treated?
Photo-aggravated vasculopathy (leucocytoclastic vasculitis);
Tx - steroids, remove from sun, clean and debride
What are sequellae to iodism?
Where is seborrhea complex often noted?
under the mane
Which of the following are true regarding cannon keratosis?
a) caused by urine
b) caused by semen
c) stud crud
d) persists for life
e) hyperkeratinization disorder
c) stud crud
d) persists for life
e) hyperkeratinization disorder
What is this?
What causes it?
Stud crud (cannon keratosis)
Remove w/skin scrape or keratolytic
Aural plaques
>1yr horses
Papovirus (DNA)
No tx (shoe polish maybe...)
What is this?
Linear keratosis (alopecia)
Whip mark (these would be horizontal though)
May be hereditary?
No tx; maybe keratolytics
You see a 2 mo young shorthorn with nasty skin who is having vision trouble. What gives? How to diagnose? Treatment?
Bovine parakeratosis
See low serum Zn + thymic/lymphatic atrophy
Death in 3-6 mos; no tx
Deficiencies in which 2 substances may cause hyperkeratosis?
Low Zn
Low Vit A
Which bacteria are chiefly responsible for udder intertrigo in dairy cows?
F. necrophorum
A. pyogenes
Various cocci
How do you treat udder intertrigo?
Expose to air
Maybe systemic abx
What is the etiology of udder impetigo?
(Tit zits) - Staph infection
You see a cow with multiple vesicular lesions on her udder and teats. What are 2 differentials and how can you differentiate between the 2?
Udder intertrigo or BHV2
(cytology for intertrigo; histo for BHV2)
T or F:
Udder impetigo is seen more often in 1st calf heifers.
This describes udder INTERTRIGO!
What happened to this poor piglet? What is the etiology? Treatment?
Greasy Pig Dz (Exudative Epiermitis)
Staph. hyicus
Tx w/abx EARLY; pretty much all die
What are some differentials for folliculitis in large animals?
What are the 2 main causes of dermatophytosis in large animals?
Microsporum gypsum
Which of the following is not true regarding ringworm in large animals?
a) more often seen in winter
b) 1-34d incubation
c) only invades keratinized skin
d) once infected hair reaches the telogen phase it becomes self-limiting
e) horses are rarely pruritic
b) 1-34d incubation (NO; 1-6wk)
e) horses are rarely pruritic (NO, horses are most likely)
Choose the animal associated with the ringworm presentation:
- head/legs (non-haired parts)
- very generalized; face and ears
- looks like non-edematous wheals
- face, neck, muzzle, periorbital
Sheep - head/legs (non-haired parts)
Goats - very generalized; face and ears
Horse - looks like non-edematous wheals
Cow - face, neck, muzzle, periorbital
Which of the following are good for dermatophytosis treatment?
a) miconazole
b) copper sulfate
c) sodium hypochlorite
d) lime sulfur
e) captan
a) miconazole
c) sodium hypochlorite
d) lime sulfur
(note - captan is a spray for the premises, not the animals)
What causes rain rot?
Dermatophilus congolense
What 4 things are necessary for a rain rot infection?
Naive animal
Organism present
Minor skin damage
Which of the following are not true regarding rain rot?
a) not pruritic or painful
b) streptothricosis
c) Dermatophilus congolense
d) non-edematous wheals
e) antibiotic is an easy treatment
a) not pruritic or painful (it IS painful)
d) non-edematous wheals (no; tufts of hair with thick crusts)
e) antibiotic is an easy treatment (abx not usually needed; just dry the animal off!)
(note - streptothricosis is some old-school term for this)
What are the 2 manifestations of dermatophilus in sheep?
Lumpy wool dz
Strawberry foot rot
Choose lumpy wool disease or fleece rot:
- blue fleece
- pseudomonas
- on back
- treated by drying off
- dermatophilus
fleece rot - blue fleece
fleece rot - pseudomonas
both - on back
both - treated by drying off
lumpy wool - dermatophilus
T or F:
Canuk horses can't tell the difference between bacteria and viruses.
They call a S. aureus infection Canadian Horse Pox!
What is this? What causes it? How is it treated?
Staph folliculitis, furunculosis (S. aureus)
Tx - clean, groom, antibacterial shampoos (maybe abx like TMS, enro or doxy)