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why did colinest belive the should have self govermant.
they felt britin did not know how hard it was in the colonies.
how did the king keep control of the colonies with some self govermant?
by leting them make thier own laws as long as he agreed.
they were punished by having to leav the harbor true or false?
who set up the comitees?
samuel adams did.
why were the comitees neded?
to get information to another colonie giuker.
why did the king make the colinests pay for the soldiers in america?
because the british woulnt.
why did the sons of liberty throw tea over the harbor?
to boycott the tax on tea because of the high price.
democracy means....
a govermant in wich poeple take a part.
what does allie mean.
a friend especilly in time of war.
taxes mean what?
money wich people pay to help run the govermant.
how did the french and indian war start?
french built thier forts on the oiho river brtish thought it was a attack.
what is a comitee of corispondince?
a group that writes information about the colony to other colonies.
what does parliment mean?
members of the part of british govermant.
how were poeple in america treated diffrent than the british?
not allowed to vote and did not have any self goverment,.