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Acinus (acini)

Glandular milk producing component of the breast lobule


The pigmented and skin surrounding the breast nipple




Differentiated apocrine sweat glands with a functional purpose of screening milk during lactation

Cooper's ligaments

Connective tissue septa that connects perpendicularly to the breast lobules and extend out to the skin

Mammary Layer

Middle lair of the breast tissue that connects the ductal, glandular, and stromal portions of the breast

Retromammary layer

Deepest of the 3 layers of the breast noted on breast ultrasound

Subcutaneously layer

Most superficial of the 3 layers of the breast identified on ultrasound

Tail of Spence

Normal extension of breast tissue into the axillary region

Terminal ductal lobular Unit (TDLU)

Smallest functional portion of the breast involving the terminal duct and its associated lobule containing at least 1 acinus


Plain of imaging on ultrasound of the breast that is perpendicular to the radial plane of imaging


Without symptoms

Breast imaging reporting and data system

Trade mark system created by the American college of radiology to standardize mammographic reporting terminology, characterize breast abnormalities according to the level of suspicion for malignancy, and facilitate outcome monitoring

Breast self examination

Part of breast cancer screening best done at the end of menses each month

Clinical breast examination

Part of breast cancer screening done by a health care provider

Diagnostic breast imaging

Type of breast imaging examination that is more invasive than routine screening mammography


Refers to vibrations produced by phonation and felt through the chest wall during palpitation


Near the chest wall


Echotexure that is more echogenic than the surrounding tissue

Sentinel node

Represents the 1st lymph node along the axillary node chain


Finger like extensions of a malignant tumor