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A physical injury or wound caused by an external force or violence.
Leading killer of persons under the age of 44.
Trauma accounts for about ________ deaths per year.
Deaths from MVC/yr
Deaths from GSW/yr
Injury cause by an object breaking the skin and entering the body.
Penetrating trauma
Injury caused by the collision of an object with the body in which the object does not enter the body.
Blunt Trauma
Serious and life-threating injury occurs in fewer than ___% of the trauma pt's
Trauma is a _________ disease
Hosp that commits resources to address all types of specialty trauma 24/7
Level I, Regional Trauma Center
Hosp that commits resources to address the most common traumas with surgical services 24/7 will stabilize and transport the pt to a level I center.
Level II, Area Trauma Center
Hosp that commits to special emergency department training and has some surgical capability, but will usually stabilize and transport pt out to a higher level center.
Level III Community Trauma Center
In remote areas, a small community hosp or medical care facility may be designated a trauma receiving facility. Will stabilize and prepare pt to be transported to a higher level hosp.
Level IV Trauma Facility
The processes and forces that cause trauma.
mechanism of injury MOI
Guidelines to aid prehospital personel in determining which trauma pt's require urgent transportation to a trauma center.
trauma triage criteria
The anticipation of injury to a body region, organ,or structure based on analysis of the MOI.
index of suspicion IOS
What is the Golden Hour
60 minutes from the time of injury to the time the pt gets to the OR
Trauma triage criteria indicating the need for immediate transport. Adult
-Falls >20' or 3x pt hieght
-Ped/bike vs auto
thrown or run over by car
-Motorcycle impact >20mph
-MVC >40mph
-death in same car
-Exrication >20min
Trauma triage criteria indicating the need for immediate transport. Pedi
-Fall >10' or 3x pt hight
-Bike/car collsion
-vehicle collsion at med speed
-pedi ptunrestained
A data retrivieval system for trauma patient information, used to evaluate and improve the trauma system.
Traua Registry