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What structures provide structural durability on a full veneer crown?
Functional cusp bevel
Planar occlusal reduction
Which features provide retention and resistance on a full veneer crown?
Seating groove
Axial reduction
What is the average clinical lifespan of a full cast crown?
7-10 years
Which crown type has higher resistance and restention values full cast crown or partial veneer crowns?
Full Cast Crown
What are the indications for a full cast crown?
Cuspal Protection
Retainer for a FPD
Non esthetic zone
All Axial surfaces have carious involvement
The existing restoration involves four or more tooth surfaces
What are some different variations of full veneer crowns?
All Metal
Metal ceramic crown
All ceramic crown
Reduction amounts (range from 1mm-2mm)
You should place your depth grooves for full veneer crowns on the crest of the triangular ridge
DO NOT place on the crest of the triangular ridge
Place along the incline planes
What is the occlusal reduction for full veneer crowns?
1.0 - 1.5 mm
Which burs do you use to do your planar occlusal reduction?
Round end taperd diamond and #171 carbide
What do you use to make F/L depth grooves on a full veneer crown?
1/2 the diameter of the round end tapered diamond bur
What is the total axial reduction for a full veneer crown?
1 mm
How should you shape the finish line of your interproximal full veneer crown?
chamfer bevel that follows the contour of the gingiva
What would overinclination of the buccal surface of a full veneer crown lead to?
Destroy excessive tooth structure
Decrease retention
Which burs do you use to negotiate the interproximal of full veneer crowns?
Tapered needle to negotiate thru the contact
Thin chamfer bur (torpedo bur) to finesse axial surface
Where is the functional cusp bevel placed for a FVC on the mandible?
Buccal cusp 1.5 mm
Where is the placement of the functional cusp bevel on the maxillary?
Lingual cusp 1.5mm
What could happen if you are missing a functional cusp bevel?
Poor occlusion
What is the reduction on the Non-supporting cusp of a FVC?
1.0 mm
We want to have crisp angles to make a sharp crown preparation
Round all occlusal line angles and M/D marginal ridges
When you are evaluating your FVC preparation for undercuts, what perspective are you viewing from?
Undercut inspection using one eye from an occlusal view
What is the occlusal reduction evaluated, using?
Ball reduction gauge and visual inspection
What is the purpose of the seating groove in a FVC prep?
Resistance & retention
Orient the provisional and restoration
How should you view your preparation for ideal angle of convergence?
30cm distance single eye vision