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What did the Treaty of Paris (1763) cause?
France lost all of its possessions in North America.
What was mercantilism?
Wealth measured in terms of commodities
Economics should increase power of national gov
colonies existed for benefit of mother country
What invention allowed factories, boats and railroad engines to come into being?
Steam engine
Who perfected the steam engine between 1765 and 1769?
James Watt
Who reigned France from 1643 to 1715?
King Louis XIV
Who reigned in France from 1715-1774?
Louis XV
Who reigned in France from 1774-1792?
Louis XVI
Who called for a meeting of the Estates General in France in 1789?
Louis XVI
Who was king of England during the American Revolution?
George III
Who ruled Russia in late 1400s, put an end to Mongolian domination?
Ivan the Great, Ivan III
Which tsar began westernizing Russia in the 1500s?
Ivan IV, Ivan the Terrible
Which dynasty ruled in Russia from 1613 to 1917?
Who was the tsar of Russia 1682 to 1725 and visited Europe in disguise?
Peter the Great