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A suspenseful story centering on a problem or crime. The author presents clues that lead to the solution.
Historical fiction
These stories take place in a specific period of history. Some characters may be based on people from history, but the main characters are usually fictional.
These books are filled with funny and amusing situations or characters.
Realistic fiction
A story that did not actually happen but could possibly happen.
The main character usually sets forth on a dangerous, difficul, or exciting journey. Stories are not true.
These books give you step-by-step instructions for doing or making somthink or even improving oneself.
Books that have remained popular for decades or centuries. Often these books are the ones read at high schools or colleges.
A collection of poems.
A general category for books that are true.
Movie book
Books based on a popular movie.
Science fiction
A made-up story that is usually set in another time and often in the future; often in involves scientific developments.
Sports stories
Books that involve the main character in an atheletic event or participation.
Short stories
A collection of stories either by one author or many authors. Varies in length.
A general category for books that are not true.
An award winning book for children's literature
An acount of a person's life written by another person.
animal stories
The main character is either an animal or a person whose life is involved with a specific animal. Stories can be true or not true.
Young adult
Stories about growing up that tell the exciting, boring, turbulent, and eventful life of a child or teen. Often the character learns something about life or himself.
These stories take place in an invented or unrealistic world. Characters may be human or magical creatures. Special powers and magic may take place.
An account of a person's life written by that person.