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Frontal Bone
Simplest to remember as it's in the front of the skull. AKA: "Forehead Bone
Parietal Bones
Two bones which join on top of head and extend pay way down the sides, forming "roof" and "walls" around brain.
Temporal Bones
Two bones, one on either side of head, extend from the occipital bones forward on the lowers part of the skull. Roughly the region of the temples.
Occipital Bone
Lower back of skull
Sephenoid Bone
Visible only as a small wedge in front of the temporal bones, but is actually a large bone that extend though the skull.
Malar / Zygomatic Bones
Two bones directly below the eyes on both sides of the face.
Maxilla and Mandible
Upper jawbone = Maxilla
Lower jawbone = Mandible
Superior & Inferior Maxilla
The Superior Maxilla is called the Maxilla and the Inferior Maxilla is called the Mandible.