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What three things will help your bones and muscles work their best.
Eating healthful foods with protein and calcium, physical activity and keeping good posture will all help your bones and muscles work their best.
What does the skeletal system do?
The skeletal system supports and protects your body.
What is a joint? What does it do?
A joint is a place where two bones meet. The body can bend because of joints.
Name and describe some joints.
The elbow is a joint that allows the arm to move. The shoulderis a joint that allows you arm to swing. The knee, wrist and jaw are also joints.
What is good posture?
Good posture means standing and sitting straight with your head up and shoulders back.
How does good posture help you r body?
Good posture keeps your bones and joints in place. It also allows blood to flow throughout your body.
Do muscles work alone?
NO, muscles work in pairs, as one tightens the other relaxes.
How do the muscles that work with bones work?
The muscles that work with bones can pull but not push, they are connected to the bones.
What do your bones work with?
Yoour bones work with your muscles.
Do all muscles work with bones? Explain.
Not all muscles work with bones. For example, muscles in the wall of you heart work without bones to keep the hear beating.
What do your bones make up?
Your bones make up your framework or skeleton.
What do your bones and muscles help you do?
When your bones and muscles work together, they help you to sit stand, walk, run and move in every way.
All of the muscles in your body make up your ____________ _______________.
Muscular System
What does the skull protect?
The skull protects your brain.
What are muscles?
Muscles are strong fibers that are made of muscle tissues.
What do the bones that protect your ribs protect?
Your ribs protect you heart and lungs.