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What is the definition of a boiler

A boiler is a closed vessel in which water, under pressure, is transformed into steam by the application of heat.

What is the definition of a pressure vessel

A pressure vessel is a closed vessel in which the source of pressure is external to itself. Any pressure vessel not identified as a boiler

How often must boilers be inspected

All boilers operating over 15 PSI unless otherwise Exempted shall be inspected internally and externally every year

How much notice is required to repair a boiler for inspection

14 days notice shall be given for the internal inspection no notice is required for an external inspection

Which air tanks require an inspection

Compressed air tanks over 50 psi unless otherwise Exempted shall be inspected every two years

How does chapter 146 determine boiler horsepower

Boiler horsepower determined by: the manufacturer tag, steam output in lbs/hr divided by 34.5, BTU/hr input divided by 41,840, BTU/hr output divide by 33,475.

How does chapter 146 determine engine horsepower

Engine horsepower is determined by the formula:



P= pressure constant (40,50, or 70)

L= length if stroke

A= area of high pressure piston

N= number of strokes per minute

How does chapter 146 determine turbine horsepower

Turbine horsepower is determined based on the outside diameter of the steam supply line

So what can you do with a second-class fireman's license

A second-class fireman can operate a boiler of boilers under the engineer or fireman in a direct charge thereof

What information is on the certificate of inspection

Certificate of inspection: Name of Owner/User, Location, Size and Number of Boiler, Date if Inspection, Signature of Inspector and the M.A.W.P.

Where is the operator's license kept

Barber's license Shelby place in the engine or Boiler Room of the plant operated by the licensee has to be easily read

What boiler horsepower requires periodic attendance

Boilers from 251 to 500 BHP require non continuous attendance

What boiler horsepower requires continuous attendance

Boilers over 501 BHP require continuous attendance

Who can appeal the results of a license exam

Any applicant agreed by the decision of a single examiner has the right to appeal