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What is body image?
A person's thoughts, perceptions and feelings about his or her body (Grogan,1999)
Is body image multidimensional?
yes, cognitive, affective and behavioural as well as perception.
What is the current body image ideal?
based on weight and shape as these are seen as something more in our control than skin color etc.
What are the two components of body image?
Body image investment and body image evaluation
What is body inage investment?
How important your body is to self concept behaviourally cognitively and emotionally.
What are self schemas?
these are the cognitons we hold about our appeareance and how it affects our lives. Self schemas make up our body image investment.
What is 'appearance schematic' and appearance aschematic?
schematic - has highly evolved thoughts, feeling and cogntions about the body and appearance is important. Aschematic - not so important.
What has most research been done on?
body dissatisfaction.
What is body image evaluation?
this is negative thoughts, perceptions and feelings about one's body. Again multidimensional and can be measured in a number of different ways.
An objective meausure of body dissatisfaction perception would be...
measuring degrees of inaccuracy in people's perceptions of their actual size or body parts. ie adjust the two lights to match your waist size or adjusting the computer manipulated photo back to the right size.
What is a problem with this type of measure?
That women nearly always overestimate their own size.
What is a subjective thoughts and feeling measure of body dis?
Stunkard's rating scale where you choose actaul and ideal body shapes from a list and body dis is the difference between the two.
What is the women's ideal body size using Stunkard et al's figure rating scale?
on average, one size smaller for women. For men there is more variation.
What is another subjective measure of thoughts and feelings surrounding body dis?
Questionairres where negative responses are the measure of body dis.
What is most widely used measure of appearance investment?
Appearance schema inventory.
What is another measure of appearance investment?
Modified stroop test where body related colored words are displayed and body investment is the delay in time or errors in responding after each word.
One last appearance investment measure? A behavioural one?
How much money time etc you might spend on products, hair cuts etc.
What are some gender diffs in regards to body dissatisfaction?
Women - more of a normative discontent. More unhappy with lower body. men more unhappy with upper body.
How does age affect body dis?
Body dis stays stable across the lifetime. Women's bodies more further away from the ideal but in comparing themsevles with others of their age, body dis stays about the same. Investment might also grow less.
how does body dis affect children?
In 8yr old girls 25-50% of girls wanted to be thinner and this preference for the thin ideal starts at age 6. Figure rating scales show little girls also opting for 1 size smaller!
How does sexuality affect body dis?
Gay men have greater body dis and eating disorders than hetero men.
The affect of lesbianism is not as clear, with some studies showing it is a protective factor and other studies showing no difference.
Why do they think that no difference was found in the lesbian women?
because maybe the societal body ideals are internalised before sexual orientation is decided.